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  1. I really like this guy's talent, but in an offense that flows through Jacobs, it's hard to see him getting enough targets. Carr only had 22 completions with 14 of them going to Waller and the RBs. That doesn't leave much left and you still have Ruggs and Renfrow competing for targets. He'll probably have some good games here and there, but it's hard to see any consistency or volume this year.
  2. If it were just Everett returning I might go Higbee, but since it's also a bad matchup I would roll with Hollister.
  3. KC - they're on fire lately. I think the Rams will play a little better against the 49ers this time.
  4. Need to pick a RB2 and FLEX for the Championship. Can't decide between these three: Raheem Mostert - decent matchup but there's always the risk of him only ending up with 10-12 carries Leveon Bell - bad matchup but it is his former team and we have the revenge narrative so maybe he comes out extra motivated? Adrian Peterson - decent matchup, this is probably a safe but low upside play
  5. Yeah, debating on it now. 30MPH at kickoff is a lot.
  6. Zeke is still a stud obviously. My only concern is lack of receptions. He has 1, 2, and 2 through the first three games. In 2018 he averaged 5-6 receptions a game and it led to some monster games for him. It is still early, so it could be just be a slow start or something. Would definitely like to see more involvement in the passing game though.
  7. I've noticed too, Dak is looking to throw more and the offense isn't running through Zeke like last year. I'd like to see Zeke get some more targets but he seems to be getting less there too.
  8. Deshaun Watson, Evan Engram, and Aaron Jones for me. Happy with Jake Elliott too... always nice to have a top 3 kicker.
  9. Who else would he go to? Gruden already said Kelley is unlikely to be ready to play Sunday.
  10. Yeah, Perine hasn't shown anything when he's been given the opportunity. I never hear anything about Mack. Hoping Kelley plays this weekend.
  11. He had 5 catches for 54 yards against the Bengals last week with Clay injured. I always thought he was pretty talented in his Florida State days. On a bye this week but could be a nice stream in week 7. Not sure how long Clay will be out, but they're saying at least a few weeks. Thoughts?
  12. It's a wrist injury, if he comes back it's not going to affect his running.
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