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  1. And I get Alonso back, only to lose Acuna and now Tatis leaves injured. OMG.
  2. And another 2-16 start today. Down to .147 Wow.
  3. Stacked keeper team is as cold as it gets out of the gates and facing a team that has double the RBI of any other team in the league. I have Tatis, Acuna, Soto, Trea as keepers. My first 5 hitters I picked are: Alonso, Gurriel Jr, Biggio, Moncada and Contreras. 3 have yet to play a game and the one's that have are hitting are 8/53 .150. 2 of my bench players are also out: J. Bell and Schwarber and one guy I've been using to fill in Hayes, is now hurt. It's a long season, but this is H2H and don't really want to get in a hole early.
  4. Like Eloy Jimenez, who has already had surgery, is out 5-6 months, but still showing DTD on ESPN? As I watch more and more players come off of the board. Or Dinelson Limet, who is shout OUT until at least April 16th, but does not have an IL designation in CBS, so can't put him on the IL? I know that it's because the teams have not designated them IL yet, but it's still irritating.
  5. Definitely thought about this. Or JRam over Bieber. I don't think any of the 3 get back to me at pick #8 unfortunately.
  6. This is a 10 team H2H Categories: Hitting( R, 1b, 2b, 3b, HR, BB, RBI, SB, AVG) Pitching (K, QS, SV, HLD, ERA, WHIP) This is my 2019 team as we didn't play last year, so we rolled our rosters to 2021. This is probably the best team I've ever put together........and still didn't win the champ. This team was built through keepers, trades and being aggressive with callups, so please spare me the 6 teamer league comments. Which 6 would you keep? There are no round penalties. It's just straight 6. Acuna, Soto, Tatis, J Ram, Machado, Trea, Devers, Albies, Alonso, Eloy
  7. 10 team H2H points: I can keep Wander Franco as a 15th round keeper for the next 4 years or I can keep Vlad Jr as a 24th round keeper for the next 4 years. Who do you choose?
  8. This team went 4-9 and 8th place out of 10. Injuries(Golladay, A.Jones, AJ Brown, Goedert) underperformers(Zeke, Hurst) and just plain bad luck(Avg'd 152pts against the first 6 weeks). I'd put this team against most anyone on a weekly basis. QB - Watson, Goff RB - Zeke, A.Jones, Dobbins, Edmonds, J.Williams WR - Diggs, AJ Brown, Golladay, McLaurin, Claypool, Higgins, Pittman TE - Hurst, Goedert, Gesicki
  9. Do I wait on Lamar and pickup Dalton just in case Lamar ends up not playing, or just pickup Cousins and use him and not worry about Lamar?
  10. This is a 10 team Superflex/Devy Dynasty with TE Premium(1.5 PPR) I am tied for last place and the 1st place team really wants Zeke He has offered Taylor/Hockenson/2021 2nd Rd Pick For Zeke I haven't bitten yet because I have Engram and Hurst at TE and I still think Zeke is/can be elite. So I'd really only be upgrading at TE at the cost of Zeke. I don't value the pick very much. We all have 3 devy picks so there are already 30 college players on our rosters. That 2nd RD pick is a real crapshoot as it would also be a late pick. He asked me what it would take and
  11. I feel like Ahmed has a safer floor due to his expected volume and matchup with DEN. I could also see Edmonds doing damage against my Hawks in a high scoring game. This would be both good and bad for me:)
  12. And Jacoby Brissett had a rushing TD, so there's that. Painful.
  13. This is a non-PPR league(We actually get 2 pts for every 5 catches) I need to start 2 of these guys in my RB2 and FLEX spots My options are Bernard, Edmonds or J.Taylor for 2 spots. I can also use one of Tee Higgins and Diontae Johnson in my flex if not one of these guys. With Taylor playing tonight, I won't know for sure if Edmonds will be in a timeshare on Sunday and also don't love the matchup for Gio against PIT, even though he should get most of the touches if Mixon is out. Should I risk it and throw JT in there? He has to pop at some point right? 😂
  14. I'm 1-6 now, so it's not really likely to matter. 3 of the losses have been due to putting the wrong guy in between Diggs and McLaurin each time.
  15. I will say the combo of Burrow,Bernard and Higgins worked out VERY well!!
  16. I have Golladay in and need 2 of these 3 for WR2 and FLEX. I've switched them all in and out at least a couple of times this week.
  17. Definitely worth taking a flier on a guy that's going to get a ton of snaps if your options are thin. Gonna fire him up over Edmonds and Bell. I haven't seen too much of the Bengals offense this season, but I now have to use Burrow, Bernard and Higgins this week due to bye weeks and injuries. Let's have a shootout!!!!!
  18. It was done out of necessity. I needed a RB and had a surplus of WRs. It still stings a bit. This is a keeper league and JJ was drafted, dropped, picked up, then traded. I didn't have room to keep him, so got what I needed.
  19. I traded J.Jefferson for D.Montgomery on Thursday.
  20. And I have Lamar, Golladay and Indy Defense in there with them. It's going well. All greeeeeeeat matchups and jack ish. You are correct about the luck part.
  21. In one league lineup I have Taylor, Montgomery and Mattison in the most beautiful of matchups. So of course against these awful teams, the game scripts are all backwards and my guys are useless.
  22. Anyone else? This deal is still sitting out there. Basically it comes down to this for next seasons keepers at the moment. Cook, Taylor, Lamb vs. Cook, Taylor, Metcalf That's pretty even, so maybe just not worth giving up Chubb when he gets back for my playoff run. However, I will probably lose him for nothing after the season. I just think Hunt being in CLE for another season after this one continues to diminish his value. I would have a very hard time dropping Taylor.
  23. Who in their right mind is going to trade Lamb for Bell in a keeper?!?!?! And I'm looking to get DK, not just an older RB currently without a job..
  24. Yes this sounds like a lot to give up for DK, but I can only keep 3 players. He wanted Golladay instead of Lamb, but I said no. My options are D.Cook, J.Taylor, Chubb, Lamb, L.Jackson, K.Golladay, J.Jefferson, H.Ruggs III My keepers this year were: Cook, Chubb and Lamar(Yes, I know) My Keepers next year could be: Cook, Chubb, Taylor Cook, Taylor, Golladay Cook, Chubb, Lamb Cook, Taylor, Lamb Lot's of combinations. Putting DK in there would be nice with Cook and Taylor. Any thoughts? What combination do you like best? Which 3 with and w
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