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  1. 1 hour ago, CORTEz said:


    2-for-18 start, 11 K's. Looks Chubby. Not hustling. Needs to cut his hair. Needs to cut down on the # of accessories he wears in a game.

    #jus sayin

    My nephew and I thought it was Manny Ramirez in a Braves uni out there when we flipped it to the game earlierūü§£

  2. On 2/13/2020 at 8:53 PM, Cmilne23 said:

    I got love for Arod too.  That 1996 season was one of most amazing ever.  Roids knock him down a peg.  Ken Griffey Jr never worked out so we know he didn’t juice.  But young Arod is one of top 5 players I’ve ever seen in my life as a natural talent.

    I don't think I've ever seen a player hit the ball as well as A-Rod did those last 2 months or so of the 1996 season. He hit well all season, but those last 2 months were insane as I recall. Then he got robbed of the MVP by 3 points to Juan Gonzalez. My buddy, that I always watched games with in Seattle, moved to Iowa to work for a while during that season and missed it all. I called him every day to try to explain what I was watching. He was so pissed that he missed it. This was before cellphones, streaming, good internet, etc. were all readily available. 

  3. 4 hours ago, HOOTIE said:

    DiPoto was handed a farm system, ranking 25 to 30. 

    Was handed terrible contracts.

    Cano, seager, felix.

    The team was among the oldest.

    He saw the 90 win team was a fluke.

    Lucky unsustainable luck in 1 run games. A 79 win team using run differential.

    He did absolutely the right thing.

    He has shed the contracts, outside of the bum seager.

    The farm system is top 10.

    It's about the process, not the results.

    You cant expect playoffs just yet.

    He was involved in getting

    Kyle Lewis, julio Rodriguez, Jared kelenic, even white, Logan Gilbert, shed long, tom murphy, justin Dunn, justus sheffield.

    Give them time to get up and gel.

    There is no GM who would be in playoffs, given what jack z left.



    As a 37 year Mariner fan, I hope that these guys pan out. As a 37 year Mariner fan, history tells me that they won't. The problem is that we need at least 80% of them to pan out to field a team that might make the playoffs. I don't have high hopes, but there is a glimmer of hope. 

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  4. On 2/12/2020 at 2:58 PM, 89Topps said:


    That's Carlos Gomez.  The M's signed Carlos Gonzalez.

    My buddy, drunk as a skunk, traded Adam Wainwright for Cargo. As Cargo was my favorite player at the time, he called me to rub it in. As commish, I checked on the trade. He traded for Cargo alright. Carlos Gomez. He thought he traded for Carlos Gonzalez. We still give him crap to this day.

  5. On 1/30/2020 at 4:08 PM, 89Topps said:

    @Cmilne23 will like this one...


    Needlessly sweeping the A's in the last series of the season to lose the #1 draft pick in the ensuing draft, thus missing on Stephen Strasburg and instead drafting Dustin Ackley.


    Ahh, to be a Mariner fan.

    My buddy and I talk about this every year. The curse of Strasburg. Only the M's would win all of these absolutely meaningless games to miss out on him, only to get one of the biggest busts ever. And then the Nationals and Strasburg go to, and win the World Series, leaving only the M's as the one team that has never made it. 

  6. 35 minutes ago, TheTruth024 said:

    Acuna for sure.  Gotta keep a top 3 overall player in the game.  Then it comes down to value for me.  No way I keep Baez in 15th over Turner, Soto, Vlad, or even Alonso who have much later round designations.  So for me personally, I would keep:

    1.  Turner - Insane value

    2.  Soto - See above

    3.  Vlad Jr - Only because it is keep forever.  If the rules do change and you cant keep him forever, I would go with Alvarez.

    The rules are going from keep forever to 1-4 yr contracts. Acuna and Soto will be getting 4 yr contracts for sure. 

  7. H2H Points -10 Team Keeper:

    Our players have always kept the original round that they were drafted in or picked up as FA’s(last round) so this will help revalue the players. For instance, Trout is still a 25th round keeper from originally being picked up as a FA years ago. This needed to change. We are changing the rules to allow for only 4 keepers(was 6) and we have to assign 1-4 year contracts on them. We could previously keep them forever. I need to pick 4 from this list. Player and keeper round.


    Ronald Acuna 6th

    Rafael Devers 8th

    T.Turner 25th

    Yordan Alvarez 25th

    Juan Soto 25th

    Javier Baez 15th

    Pete Alonso 21st

    Vlad Guerrero Jr 25th

    Carlos Correa 25th

    Bo Bichette 25th


    My choice right now is: Acuna, Soto, Baez, Devers or Turner.

  8. Standard league, but we do get an additonal 2 points every 5 catches. 

    Ramsey is supposed to shadow Cooper, so that should give Gallup plenty of chances, as long as Cooper actually makes it through the game. 

    AJB is pretty risky, but also has a very high ceiling as we've seen recently. He could easily throw up a stinker though. 

  9. 2 hours ago, SGagne said:


    Some Seahawks fans if he was available on free agents. They have themselves to blame for not rostering him themselves.

    He was drafted and dropped in October. It's not like he was setting the world on fire prior to 3 weeks ago. Also a 10 team league, so right on the fringe of rosterable. 

  10. There is an unwritten rule among my league mates(90% Seahawks Fans) that I am not allowed to pick up any Seahawks players as I put a curse on them. Yesterday, I broke this rule. I picked up Rashaad Penny. I apologize to my friends and my fellow Seahawks fans. I am an idiot. 

  11. 19 hours ago, laracco said:

    A.Jones, OBJ and Chark in a must win to get in. 7 points. Meanwhile the guy I'm playing and is out of it is using Wentz. Its going well. 

    Add to that, I picked up the Eagles Def vs Miami and Zane Gonzales after the -4 I got from M. Gay last week that cost me a win and they combined for 2 whole points. In addition, I picked up Parker Sunday morning and put him squarely on my bench because I can't get myself to bench OBJ. I like to choose name over production. 

    I lost 114-106 and am out. 

  12. 21 hours ago, BGDDYKWL said:

    Sounds absolutely crazy but that's exactly where I'm at and I'm leaning Darnold at the moment. He's been fantastic lately, and it's awfully tough to picture the Bengals stopping him. Not to mention he gets the Dolphins at home next week. 

    Might be doing the same. Have yet to grab Darnold, but he's a FA. I feel like all of this momentum could come crashing down in an almost perfect setup/matchup and we are all going to regret this big time. The key will obviously be seeing what NE does to Watson. Maybe he and Darnold still even out and no harm done. Risk/reward type of choice. Unfortunately, if both go south, I can probably kiss a playoff spot adios. 

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