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  1. I traded Fuller yesterday. That is all.
  2. As a Seahawks fan and MVS owner, that slant play near the goal line against a guy named Malcolm stings...... AGAIN.
  3. We are still far from this. Allison has all of the numbers that were expected of MVS. 😫
  4. Which WR to drop for MVS? This is for ROS, not just this week. Drop: Samuel, Fuller or Agholor? Or do I keep all of them and leave MVS on the wire? I still like the upside of Samuel and Fuller and think that Agholor will only go back to earth tonight when Jeffery returns.He is my first choice currently. I also have Cooks, Ridley, Chark and Hardman.
  5. That's a different story. I'm not putting much into him and got him in both of my leagues for cheap. Seems that guys in my league are of the he sucks camp, which is fine.
  6. I just don't see the harm in picking up a guy that will get the bulk of the carries on any team to at least see what will happen. If you don't want him, don't pick him up. If you have a bench spot and just want to see what happens, then pick him up. It hurts nothing. Why bash him when he hasn't even had the chance to show anything in a feature role. I added him just to block my opponent this week who has Barkley and scrub backups. If he sucks, he's back to the wire and no harm done. If he shows life, then even better.
  7. 10 team PPR. These are all bench guys. Drop which one for Terry McLaurin? Robby Anderson Curtis Samuel Marquez Valdez-Scantling
  8. I was going to keep Zeke, Conner and Watson as 1st, 6th and 7th rounders. However, this Zeke holdout has me panicking. I could keep Conner, A.Jones and Watson as 5th, 6th and 7th rounders and have a first round pick. My choices there will be one of: Julio, Zeke, Kelce, D.Adams. Do I dare risk losing Zeke or roll the dice and still have 2 solid RB's and get a top WR or TE? Keepers lock in 30 minutes!!!!
  9. Barkley. He may get 15 targets a game as a safety valve in that offense again. Whether it's Eli or the rookie. They're gonna be looking to check down. That alone could net Barkley 15 pts a game with yardage added.
  10. If you can roll out Kamara, CMC and Jones on a weekly basis, you gotta do it. I love having a top TE and I've had Kelce the last 2 years, but you can't take him over CMC.
  11. 10 team PPR My other Keepers will be: Zeke 1st Round and Conner 7th Round. Do I keep a WR or do I keep another RB in case Zeke's holdout lasts or Conner ends up in a heavy timeshare. We don't have a flex, so the 3rd RB will be sitting if I keep 3 of them. I do like Aaron Jones as a 7th as insurance, and he will only move up 1 round every year, so hopefully lot's of value, along with Conner. If I keep two 7th rounders, then one becomes a 6th for this year, so Conner will actually be in the 6th round spot, if I keep Kupp, Edelman or Jones.
  12. And I traded David Johnson for Zeke to my best friend near the end of last season as he decided to keep K.Hunt over Zeke since we cannot keep 2 first rounders. We have been making fun of him since. Himself included. He will have the first pick after keepers and would select Zeke and right a wrong that he did to himself. He would then have Zeke, DJ, Mahomes and Ertz. I don't think I can allow that to happen
  13. PPR - 10 team Keeper - Keep 3. I have to have my keepers locked in by next Monday, August 19th. Yes, I know it sounds insane to keep Kelce as a first rounder over Zeke, but there is also the chance that Zeke pulls a Le'Veon and I get nothing out of him. I doubt I'll have anything definitive by next Monday. Kelce is the #1 player at his position. Julio is a distant 3rd to me, just because I have had him for 3 or 4 years and can't take the weekly up and downs. In the end, he ends up pretty well, but you get many weeks of clunkers and huge games it seems. My other keepers will be James
  14. Sorry. That wasn't directed at you. It was just a general statement of what I see across all fantasy sites and social media sites.
  15. I consistently see posts about who won this trade and who won that trade. If you are a guy that trades just to win a trade, the you're going to find it harder to actually trade and find willing trade partners. You should try to trade out of surplus and need. If you have 2 awesome 2b's and a s---y 3b and another owner has 2 awesome 3b's and a s---y 2b, then it should be pretty easy to trade one for the other and you both "win". If they have no pitching and a ton of hitting and you have a ton of hitting and no pitching, then its pretty easy to figure out what you both need. It's when you want go
  16. There's a team in the league that I run called Sunday Bed $hitters for this exact reason. Happens to me a lot too. I had an 11-3 lead on Sunday 2 weeks ago and 10-4 on a Sunday 3 weeks ago and lost both matches 8-7. I am playing him this week and up 9-6 today. We'll see who craps it.
  17. Contreras, Baez, Correa, Minor, Caleb Smith, Montas, Paddack, Giles and Neris got me a total of 18 points this week. An average of 2 points a piece. That's like 2 singles for each hitter or 2 k's for each pitcher. Well done boys.
  18. 10 team H2H categories. 6 keepers. No rounds for keepers. Just straight 6. Was offered Machado for J Ram. Both will turn 27 this year. Manny has a longer track record, but I think JRam fills more categories. Of our 9 hitter categories, last year JRam had Manny 6-3. Whatchoo think?
  19. Did I say I was going to drop him or did I ask how he looked? I'm sorry I did at this point.
  20. And maybe that was why I was asking how he has looked so far. Even in 4 games, he could look pretty crappy.
  21. 2-17 so far and absolutely nothing but those 2 singles on the stat sheet. He tore up spring training, so I bought into it, reluctantly. Maybe he was just facing some not so good pitching? After 2 down years, is he really done this time? I haven't seen any live ab's to see what he looks like.
  22. I despise slow drafts. I joined a random new Dynasty on Fantrax. Then the draft started and was told it was a slow draft. The commissioner is giving up to 8 hours per pick. 8!!!! It was supposed to start at 5pm Sunday, but the #1 pick apparently forgot he signed up. So then the commish put it on hold until we got a replacement. It started on 8am on Monday. We are not even through round 5, 50 hours later. There are 50 rounds. My last pick in round 4 was 21 hours ago!!!! He said that he will lessen the time soon, but this is still ridiculous. Never again with the slow draft.
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