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  1. 10 team H2H Categories 6 keeper. Can keep any 6 players for how ever long you want. They basically use rounds 1-6, then the draft starts. My keepers are: Acuna, Soto, T.Turner, J.Ramirez, DeGrom. My last keeper is between Nola and Torres. I don't usually keep pitchers as I never trust their arms to stay healthy. I am making an exception with DeGrom this year. Do I add to that risk and keep Nola as well? I feel like Torres is a type 25 keeper in any keeper/dynasty format and might keep his SS eligibility with Didi hurting and Tulo sure to go down at some point.
  2. 10 team H2H Points. Keep 6. Rosters lock on Monday for scoring week. Baez as a 15th Kershaw as a 12th( I think I've decided that I don't trust him at all, even at this discount) G.Sanchez as a 25th I am keeping R.Acuna, J.Soto, C.Correa, T.Turner and Vlad Jr. Would I be better off keeping a catcher over Baez? We have 2B, SS, MI and UTIL, so I could fit in all 4 of Baez, Correa, Turner and Vlad any given week.
  3. I joined the league 6 years ago and this is how it was setup. It really does ruin the value of the top of the draft as I said, my 1st round pick last year was Quintana, so its hard to get any value at the top. I always get value from prospects off of the wire that are last rounders. Hence, my current lineup of late round keepers. 1 catcher league also. I kept Sanchez last year.
  4. Last year 20 of the 60 keepers were pitchers. It seems like pitching is usually what determines who wins the matchups because wins are +10 and losses are -10. I don't like to keep pitchers, but with Kershaw as a 12th, I've kept him for the last 5 years or so. Might be time to move on, but I'm not sure there will be alot left to start a staff with. Last year I had to draft Quintana with my 1st pick and that pretty much blew up my staff.
  5. 10 Team H2H Points I need to choose 6 keepers from the following list. Whatever round a player is picked in will ALWAYS stay his keeper round, unless he is dropped and redrafted the next season. If you have multiple players of the same round, then one of them moves up a round just for that year and then back to original once the new season starts. Free Agents are valued as a last round keeper. Below is the list I need to choose from and their keeper round. Ronald Acuna 6 Juan Soto 25 Javier Baez 15 Gary Sanchez 25 Clayton Kershaw 12 Trea Turner
  6. 2015: #3 Seed 9-5 Lost in the first round 112-112. Tie goes to higher seed. 2016: #3 seed 10-4 Lost in the first round with 64 points. Lowest point total of the year. 2017: #2 seed 12-2 Lost in the first round with 125 points. I was up 125-100 with Gurley left against me. I watched him put up 41 points against my Hawks while in the stadium. 2018: #2 seed 10-4 Lost in the first round. Currently have 43 pts and projected to 61pts. Lowest point total of the year. I hate fantasy football.
  7. My 3 lowest scoring weeks the last 3 weeks. #2 seed and out. May have something to do with losing 2 of my 3 keepers, Hunt and OBJ, and Adam Thielen turning into just a guy.
  8. Lost 2 of my keepers, Hunt and OBJ and went against, TY Hilton, Barkley, Hill and Kittle. 745 yards from 4 guys. They got 90 pts combined. I had my lowest point total of the year and they beat my whole team themselves.
  9. Aaaaaaaaaand I used Njoku and he got skunked. I give up.
  10. Had OJ Howard and Jimmy Graham at TE. They both got injured. Picked up Jordan Reed and Jack Doyle. Doyle to IR and Reed hurt as he always is. Picked up Njoku. He's questionable. In a position that is already hard to fill with someone consistent, this is making it increasingly difficult.
  11. I was 5-4 and in 4th place. My team scored 157, 132 and 132+ a kicker left this week. Lost all 3. Out of the playoffs.
  12. I have Watson, Miller and Fuller all on the bench because I hate Thursday Night games. Working out well.
  13. Up 9 points in a PPR going against Engram with under 2 minutes left. Then he gets 12 garbage points. I hate this game.
  14. 10 team league. Non PPR I am leaning towards Hunt, Cook and Beckham. I love having some workhorse backs, but it was also nice having Beckham, Green and Evans every year for the last few years and being set at WR.
  15. Um yeah. Nobody is going to just take an arm for Turner in a keeper.
  16. Haha. My keepers will be Bellinger, J. Ramirez, Moncada, Turner, Acuna and Contreras. Good young nucleus.
  17. Keeper league. Keep 6. H2H Categories. This guy needed a 2b with Cano going down. He picked up Yolmer Sanchez, so I knew I had an opportunity with 4 2b on my roster.. I like Bregman, but he will lose his SS eligibility next season in ESPN and I don't think he is as valuable as a 3b. I picked up Jed off of waivers a couple weeks back and don't really use him. I still have J.Ramirez, Moncada and S.Hernandez at 2b and Shaw and Lamb at 3b. Is that a steal for a consensus top 10 pick? I think so. Funny part is I had Turner when he first came up and lost patience
  18. Can't always believe the Internet, but I was just too excited to not believe it.
  19. He offered me Machado for Bregman by text, but have not seen the offer come across through the website. He may have come to his senses.
  20. No round penalties or values for keeping players. Just straight up. Who would you rather have? Machado is still on 25. Bregman is 23. Machado will gain SS in 10 games. Bregman is already SS/3B eligible.
  21. I also have Rhys Hoskins and see that he is being ranked pretty high in places. I didn't even see him as an option. I guess I forgot what a tear he went on late in the season. Keep him over any of the other 6?
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