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  1. It would probably be Upton. Although I've had him on and off for years in this keeper so maybe I wouldn't even grab him. He may be the odd man out and I'd keep Contreras. If I miss out on Acuna, I'll be super bummed too. I may go Ramirez, Bregman, Bellinger, Springer, Contreras, Acuna. That would mean that Benintendi would be out though. UGH.
  2. I love having a good catcher too instead of the revolving door at C. I also love prospects and had Moncada on my team all last year. Acuna is being hailed as the best prospect since Trout/Harper. I'm so torn. I guess we'll see how some of it plays out in the spring.
  3. 10 team H2H Categories I need to choose 6 keepers. I usually like to get a couple of up and comers, but don't want to tank the season again to do it. Jose Ramirez, Cle 2B, 3B K George Springer, Hou OF Alex Bregman, Hou SS, 3B K Andrew Benintendi, Bos OF Justin Upton, LAA OF Cody Bellinger, LAD 1B, OF K Javier Baez, ChC SS, 2B Yoan Moncada, CWS 2B K Amed Rosario, NYM SS K Ronald Acuna, Atl OF K Willson Contreras, ChC C My current plan was
  4. Sitting in the stands as a Seahawk fan, going against Gurley and now being down by a point. I'm weeping.
  5. Exactly the same thing I did. Real bad start to a playoff match.
  6. ESPN ranked 30th out of 32 teams against the run. Um, yeah. Creampuff.
  7. Bench Howard last week in a tougher matchup after 2 duds. 147 & 2. Start him in a creampuff matchup. 18 yards. FF is just so damn random.
  8. Dak in what should be a shootout against OAK and coming off a great game, or Cam against a terrible GB defense that can't stop the pass or running inside the 10. Will Stewart get all of those carries again? If so, that takes away a ton of Cam's value as he hasn't passed for over 200 yds since week 10.
  9. I have AJ Green as one WR. Need 2 more from Evans, Hill and Gordon. Think I'm going to go Hill, so maybe just between Gordon and Evans. Leaning towards Gordon as he has been more productive in the 2 weeks he's played then Evans.
  10. Down 83-80. My Burkhead against his Gostkowski.
  11. And this is what scares me as well using him over Hunt and Perine!!
  12. I have Doctson, Davis and Perine going. I think I'll watch something else now.
  13. I don't think I could get myself to bench Ingram for a Patriots RB. Even though the RB rotation in NE has become more clear in the past 4 weeks, I would not put it past Bill to throw a monkey wrench like Gillislee in there just to mix up the opponents plans.
  14. Non-PPR I can't possibly trust Geno Smith to get the ball to Engram can I? Or will he be a security blanket for him? Even though Davis is coming off a goose egg, seems like he would be the safer option with a good QB. No?
  15. When a kicker, Boswell, gets 19 pts against you and your QB, Mariota, gets 19pts, I think it's alright to complain about a kicker. Or more likely, I should be complaining about my QB. Hahaha. Great game Marcus. I want Watson back!!!
  16. I got 44 out of Cooper in week 7. Then my opponent got 41 from Wentz and 40 from Zeke. Almost impossible to pull out a win when you get a player with 40 and your opponent has TWO players with 40. HAHAHAHAHA.
  17. 10 team standard keeper league - We keep 3 My team is 9-1 and I am looking to upgrade at RB for the playoff run. I can't keep running D.Martin out there. I would like to use OBJ's keeper value as a piece to get there. My team is: QB - Dak, Cousins RB - Hunt, Martin, Henry, A.Jones-INJ, Cook-IR WR - AJ Green, Evans, Hill, Jeffery, Parker, OBJ-IR TE - Engram K - Zeurlein DEF - Jaguars I am looking to acquire McCoy/Funchess or Mixon/Funchess from a 4-6 team that is basically out of it. I would choose 3 keepers from this grou
  18. Could Cutler be any less interested? Man he's terrible and just looks to be cashing a paycheck.
  19. Little help? Need to grab one of these guys in the next 30 minutes.
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