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  1. Dak in what should be a shootout against OAK and coming off a great game, or Cam against a terrible GB defense that can't stop the pass or running inside the 10. Will Stewart get all of those carries again? If so, that takes away a ton of Cam's value as he hasn't passed for over 200 yds since week 10.

  2. 4 hours ago, JDOG said:


    You are complaining about a kicker? Come on man!

     When a kicker, Boswell, gets 19 pts against you and your QB, Mariota, gets 19pts, I think it's alright to complain about a kicker. Or more likely, I should be complaining about my QB. Hahaha. Great game Marcus. I want Watson back!!! :(

  3. 10 hours ago, ShowStopper said:

    Went against brown in two leagues. Almost impossible to pull out a win when a teams player drops 40+


    I got 44 out of Cooper in week 7. Then my opponent got 41 from Wentz and 40 from Zeke. Almost impossible to pull out a win when you get a player with 40 and your opponent has TWO players with 40. HAHAHAHAHA.

  4. 10 team standard keeper league - We keep 3


    My team is 9-1 and I am looking to upgrade at RB for the playoff run. I can't keep running D.Martin out there. I would like to use OBJ's keeper value as a piece to get there. My team is:


    QB - Dak, Cousins

    RB - Hunt, Martin, Henry, A.Jones-INJ, Cook-IR

    WR - AJ Green, Evans, Hill, Jeffery, Parker, OBJ-IR

    TE - Engram

    K - Zeurlein

    DEF - Jaguars


    I am looking to acquire McCoy/Funchess or Mixon/Funchess from a 4-6 team that is basically out of it.


    I would choose 3 keepers from this group:

    Green, Evans, OBJ, Hunt, Cook and Henry.


    If I trade OBJ, I will still have plenty of keeper options and an even better chance to win this year.


    Would you try to trade OBJ or keep him and try to move someone else?


    Also on the WW are J.Williams, Crowell, Lewis, Burkhead, but none of those guys really appeal to me.


  5. Just now, CamNewton said:

    Kaepernick to the Texans?

    NFL insider Howard Balzer was apparently joking when he "reported" the Texans were willing to work out free agent Colin Kaepernick.

    We really wish we had not passed this one along, but there was zero reason to believe a professional NFL lifer like Balzer was "joking," especially considering the straightforward tone of his tweet. We have sourced Balzer in the past, but will not do so going forward. Kap was and is a free agent who seems nowhere close to getting an NFL workout. His collusion lawsuit against the NFL is still moving forward.
    Related: Texans
    Nov 2 - 6:18 PM
  6. 15 minutes ago, smash10033 said:

    Same here man... I had to come back from a 0-4 start...Watson pick up... and now 4-4... made a package trade today that got me Gurly.... as of noon today I'm looking at my roster saying no one can beat this team now!!! Bam!!!  Lol qb waiver wire is dead!

    Add me to the list. Lost DJ and Watson and have Fuller. Playing the first place 5-3 team(who I drafted for) and am 4-4. This was my chance. Not so much now.

  7. 5 minutes ago, smeeze said:

    Fantasy football is 100% luck and I will not be convinced otherwise.


    I agree. I had a buddy join my league 3 years ago. I've had to draft for him every year since he was stuck at college. I just draft best available for him. He won the league his first year, finished 7th last year and is now #1 again. He puts in probably 10 minutes a week on his team. I draft the guys I want and spend at least 4 hours a day on my teams. I end up with a M.A.S.H. unit and he just keeps on cruising through. He has made 2 transactions all year and not lost 1 person to injury. I've made 22 transactions and lost multiple stars to IR and missed games. Just pi$$es me off.

  8. 12 minutes ago, omnom1337 said:


    Team 1:

    David Johnson - IR    
    Desean Watson - IR    
    Danny Woodhead - IR  
    Marcus Mariota - Missed 1 game
    Rob Gronkowski - Missed 1 game
    Devante Parker - Missed 3.75 games
    Julio Jones - Missed .5 game  

    Team 2:

    David Johnson - IR  
    Aaron Rodgers - IR  
    Chris Carson - IR  

    Brandon Marshall - IR


    Team 3:

    Dalvin Cook - IR  
    Odell Beckham - IR  
    Cairo Santos - IR  
    Jordan Reed - Missed 3 games


    I've never seen so many injuries and to a bunch of studs. When I even have kickers going to IR, it's just too much.

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