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  1. Guys again, Arizona has played some of the best rush stopping defenses in the league ontop of Ryan Williams and Beanie Wells are nothing more than average run of the mill running backs. Also Arizona abandoned the run in every game far too fast to give it much of a chance. That won't be the case against Buffalo. Again I'm not saying this line is a great line, but a below average to average line, yes. They are by no means a bottom 5 offensive line in the league. Let alone the worst line in the league, which many come in here and say they certainly are. Last year Arizona averaged 4.2 yards
  2. I agree that we can clean it up a bit. We gotta remember that it's okay to disagree though. If everyone agreed on everything, there'd be no reason to discuss and if the board gets too "cushy" then we start getting "group think" forums rather than helping anyone. The big thing for me is to make a constructive argument rather than an argument that lacks basis. Not every post should be a book, but at least intelligent.
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