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  1. Probably the wrong place for this but does anyone have this? If so can CBS/ESPN be added to league sync?
  2. Win and I am in Currently up 30. He has Dionte Johnson going plus Mostert and Diggs I have to choose between Aiyuk or G. Davis
  3. Waller or Kittle? Josh Allen or Kyler Murray? OBJ or Pascal
  4. I was referring to his swing not the player in general
  5. Kind of reminds me a little bit of Cargo
  6. Senzel...Yordan.....Brantley.....Mercado Roto Rosters lock for 2 weeks
  7. Was offered Gleyber for Domingo. Currently have Semien as my SS. Do I take this?
  8. Thats a good start anyway. Thanks
  9. Looks like the offense is set so I would choose 1 of the pitchers
  10. Our league uses a weird rule where the guy has to play his position that you have him starting at for atleast a 1/3 of an inning for each 2 week period. Does anyone know of any site or anything for that matter that would be easier then checking every box score for that 2 week stretch? TIA
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