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  1. I appreciate all of the responses. I was considering keeping Winston and now I'm leaning even stronger in that direction.
  2. And the system with Crowell and Hill would allow me to keep one in the 8th and the other in the 7th. As you said, still a good value but not quite as strong.
  3. Passing TD's are worth 6 points and only 20 yards passing per point as well. Top flight QB's are normally on the teams that win our league.
  4. Thanks everyone. No love for Tyrell Williams in the 19th?
  5. Your logic for win-now is absolutely on point, but I agree with the post above that Brady is a better value that Hopkins. I have no idea what to expect from Hopkins coming into this season, and you're loaded at WR as it is with Brown and Julio. So I agree with Brady, Zeke, Brown, Jones, Gronk.
  6. I think Dixon is definitely the choice here. The Jets are probably years away from having a viable QB option, and the rest of their passing game is very suspect. Dixon is definitely the most talented option in his backfield and will definitely get another shot at it. Assuming that you can drop him and move someone else into the IR if one of your more valuable players goes down, it's worth the flyer to hold on to him. (I tried the same strategy with Josh Gordon at the beginning of last season unsuccessfully).
  7. I've got to say to keep Luck. I still believe that his best days are ahead of him. So my recommendations would be Luck, Watkins, Murray, and D. Thomas.
  8. Good point. It's been a while since I've posted a Fantasy Football question. 12 teams, 1 point per reception, 1 QB/2RB/3WR/TE/FLEX/K/DST
  9. I'm leaning toward A here but not as much as a few others have. I agree that there is a larger gulf between Gordon and Hyde than Brown and AJG, but factor in Green's health factors and I don't think that it's a blowout. But I still go with Side A, as I don't like Hyde this season and at the very least Gordon has supreme job security. Help with mine?
  10. I agree that it would depend on what else you could spend money on. Obviously, I don't think Julio is worth nearly 3 times what Jordy Nelson is worth, but sometimes elite guys command that level of payment. If it is a draft that is filled with talent and the extra funds could help round out your team, let him go. Otherwise, take the hit. Having high end talent like Lynch and Jordy cheap can really help cover costly contracts like Julio's. Help with mine?
  11. While I do like McCoy's value, I think taking Howard and Montgomery as your keepers along with taking DJ #1 overall would set you up with a fantastic RB stable and it would cost you very little in terms of keepers. I'm a big believer in Bryant this year, and at 16 he seems like a great choice. Help with mine?
  12. Hello everyone. I am selecting keepers from my team that nearly universally underachieved last year. We are allowed to keep 3 players and they are kept at the round that they were drafted in (to the left of the names) or in the event of being picked up in Free Agency, you can keep them for 3 rounds underneath their Projected ADP. Those players are at the end of the list, and the rounds that you can keep them in are also to the left. The only other consideration is that scoring does increase the value of QB's somewhat. Hence selecting Wilson in the 1st, Winston in the 5th, and Taylor in th
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