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  1. TJ is looming, i'd trade him before he has no value
  2. brett favres value goes through the roof if he has both vjax and rice at his disposal! i have favre in 3 of 4 pools (big ben backing him up in those 3 for insurance)...but i'm feeling confident if favre stays healthy and he gets these 2 studs to play with.
  3. wow, if vjax comes to the vikings and rice gets healthy and returns midway...brett favre is going to be FILTHY!!!!! !!!
  4. Rams don't have any wide receivers either...please skoodog, tell me more.
  5. do the rams want to win or be the worst team in the NFL? seriously... if you have the option of picking up a top 10 wideout in the game by only losing a 2nd round pick (what have the recent draft picks done for the rams lately?) you make the bloody move and give the fans an excellent talent to cheer for.
  6. Hunjee is my favorite! :)

  7. You're a loser bro.

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