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  1. Doesn't mean anyone's turned a corner. It's not how it works. They weren't going to keep hitting like that. Maybe after seeing some heat v. the Tigers, his FB was like a good change. Timing was off. Just saying, you can't read too much into one start.
  2. Lets move on now to his outlook moving forward. Don't start @AL East, @Tex, or v. LAA and start pretty much everywhere else and you've got yourself a SP3.
  3. V. LAA ( & possibly @NYY if he gets a 2nd start) for a guy who has had HR issues? I like Straily but I'll pass. Risk/reward not great. Maybe next week.
  4. Great post, Cmilne23. Can't add anything more. Just want to say FouLLine I was just having fun. Nothing personal. I do think you weigh minor league stats WAY too much without considering league, competition, ballparks, etc.
  5. Well Oakland has no reason to rush Anderson. They have Straily dominating in AAA. Besides Straily is the better talent of the two. No he isn't. Didn't you read the Cingrani thread? FoulLine has a super-secret scouting formula he uses (aka minor league stats). Cingrani > MHarvey & Straily > BAnderson.
  6. Big fan of your work these past few days. 5 stars!

  7. Cash Rules Everything Around Me
  8. Of course I could be wrong, but I can't imagine that's true. Do people really care about their post count? It's quality, not quantity. I know some guys with a low count that I can rely on for valuable information, and there's a couple guys that have very high counts that offer very little. Are the "Davis K'd again, he sucks" posts annoying? Sure. Do all the "ZORILLA!" posts have no value? Yes. But I think the expectation that this will just be a board where people discuss BABIP and LD% is just not realistic. Some come here for just information. But some come here for enterntainment
  9. I love that this thread turned to arguing! All in all, I think balance is in order. And I believe, like others have said, if you don't like a post, don't respond. There are times that I get into an intellectual discussion about a player (like Nelson Cruz with Czar, he's winning....so far), and there are other times I come in and throw down one-liners. Depends on my mood. Overall, the board is great. Go to CBS and listen to people spew crap about religion, race, and politics with no regard. This board is clearly superior. And while I sometimes get annoyed my mindless posts, I also don
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