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  1. Since when is Eaton ever a safe pick?
  2. I traded Bryant for Thor in a Dynasty league this week, you take the pitching when you can. I have Cole, Thor and Buehler to anchor the staff, having Sale, deGrom, CMart and Buehler is the way to go. Bats are easier to find than elite pitching.
  3. This. If you own him, you start him until he has back to back bad starts. At that point you consider sitting him for the next start.
  4. If he continues from last season, that isn't outlandish.
  5. Flip a coin, between Buehler and Giolito.
  6. You sure you can't find a way to keep Giolito, Buehler and Honeywell? Newcomb and Lopez aren't scrubs either.
  7. You drop anyone but Newcomb ans Robles for him.
  8. You take Manny over Rendon, without even thinking twice. Manny had a down year last year and still mashed. Plus he is younger than Rendon.
  9. He got stronger as the game went on, as a Ravens fan he ran like J. Lewis used to.
  10. You can take a flyer on any of these guys, I wish my dynasty has these arms on the wire.
  11. Here's the problem, no one will buy him because everyone thinks this is a fluke and he will come crashing back down to earth next week. So you'll have to just hold and hope he doesn't slow down.
  12. I'm starting him because I can't bring myself to bench him. However, if he lays a single digit number this week, I don't think anyone can start him next week.
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