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  1. Anybody rolling juju out this week against Cinny? 🤔
  2. What happen to this bum?!?!?..did he forget how to play all of sudden?!?
  3. Any one running him out there tomorrow? Looks like knee Injury was minor and was a full practice...
  4. Undecided....start Ian thomas or njoku? Thanks in advance..leave link for help...😎
  5. Njoku or Hollister? Standard league...leave link..thanks in advance
  6. So who's running him out there today? Just grabbed him out of desperation and Hollister being my other T.E...
  7. Marte,bell,trout, german,kimbrell and hand all in one week ..limping into the championships..😐
  8. 2 start week..anybody throwing him out there???
  9. Imo..not worried about steals attempts..more worried on a missing swing and aggravating the shoulder Injury and in a weekly lock league and with playoffs a week away...just cant do it...with possible rest in between games...
  10. Off to the I.R...pectoral muscle...😣
  11. So does this make him a 2 week pitcher next week? With the inning limit removed? 🧐
  12. He's just a few years removed from a era title and being an all-star. He came Highly touted from Toronto's minors. I think it was just a change of scenery, coaching and a stud lineup and with Cole,Verlander and Greinke leading the arms....imo he has become a diamond in the rough that they got for the cheap and will pay dividends as their 4/5 starter..
  13. Any update on his knee? First i lose mondesi now this...errr..any update appreciated!
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