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  1. i really like the beat, sample, and chorus...the lyrics/rhymes/flow not so much.
  2. lol bombsauce...nice but yeah i'm pretty much one of the biggest culprits of this...probably though because my teams are just so damn fantastic? but no i agree its cool to come into a superthread and say the player is due for a regression BECAUSE ________ . but for instance an unamed poster came into the matt kemp thread and simply posted Ethier >>> Kemp. thats just not cool. the only purpose of such a comment is to rile up every matt kemp fan (which is probably the whole superthread). its fine to say that and give detailed explanation or actual reasons WHY u think such. i'm c
  3. yeah man, "My Mom" to me is awesome...exactly like mmlp marshall imo. the chorus is a little corny, but i really could care less about hooks...the beat goes hard, and the stories he has in that track are awesome. the flow is 2nd to none. and theres no accent. honestly aside from the accent on a handful of tracks, pretty much all the tracks is old em, flow wise and subject matter. his flow hasn't missed a step since old em...if he just cut the accent in a few tracks this album would be right there with eminem show, etc.
  4. i'm pretty sure no one does...which really baffles me as to why he uses it so often. well i guess it's a new accent for this album, but he used an arabic type weird accent on encore that no one liked either. he just needs to cut out that nonsense. but i still would urge you to listen to the whole album; the songs i listed above do not have the accent (well stay wide awake has hints of it) and they're all incredible imo.
  5. 3 am's the best of the singles leaked early imo. but yeah the voice is a TAD annoying...weird accent. these tracks are incredible imo... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHa_FjQgwKQ Deja Vu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I3YhJoyptU My Mom (really reminds me of MMLP em, the story is crazy entertaining, flow is incredible) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihEkGDbuR7E Beautiful (probably the deepest em track i've heard in some time...this and deja vu em pours his heart out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgMOugvImFQ Stay Wide Awake http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz4s4vQX6uM Underground...t
  6. Em's new album Relapse just leaked today. been listening to it all day, can't get enough. I absolutely hated Encore and am pretty damn happy and relieved he came back strong. The singles he released kind of suck...but the album is crazy dope. Deja Vu Underground My Mom Stay Wide Awake Beautiful all amazing tracks. this guy is the KING of flow, wordplay, multi-syllable rhymes...just so refreshing to hear new em, makes u realize how much better this guy can be than everyone in the game pretty much..
  7. MUST HAVES from the 90s off the top....in no order nas - illmatic....it was written dr. dre - 2001 eminem - the slim shady lp mf doom - operation doomsday mobb deep - the infamous....hell on earth common - resurrection gang starr - moment of truth outkast - atliens.....aquemeni big l - lifestylez of the poor and dangerous noreaga - n.o.r.e. cnn - the war report ghostface - ironman wutang - enter the wu-tang (36 chambers) raekwon - only built for cuban linx notorious big - ready to die jay-z - reasonable doubt i'm probably missing a bunch...obv 2pacs stuff and snoop lol not hug
  8. easily cracks my top 10 favourite hip hop albums of my lifetime. just a ridiculous album, and to think blu's about my age...crazy. DOOM's (his newest alter-ego, dropped the 'MF') new album just leaked, and i love it. been on repeat since i got it a couple days ago. while sometimes his lyrics confuse the sh-t out of you, and often don't really add up to much substance (rambles a lot) i am NEVER disappointed with his production on pretty much all of his albums. i'd even go as far as saying if i took every single rapper's INSTRUMENTAL discography...his would be in my top 2 at worst. Kanye's
  9. word i agree with you that the album BANGS. it's not as good as his albums produced by kanye imo, but still pretty solid stuff. much different vibe, more dance feel to it, but i thought most of the tracks worked quite well. a few misses however, but all in all a solid 7.8 or so imo. u can always count on common to drop some fire and he's one of the more consistent artists in the game. ghost is another that is pretty much guaranteed to drop an album u can listen to front to back.
  10. they are far from average but it's your opinion. i cannot listen to M.O.P. unless i'm trying to get hammered and amped up personally. and black's beats are def better than his flow, but his flow on his new album is crazy i think. lyrics maybe not insane, but his flow was real good. desperately waitin for a few albums. 1 from royce and prem...and the other from black, sean P, and guilty simpson...both should be crazy.
  11. <-------- going to see black milk and elzhi tmrw night here in T.O. i will probably wet my pants during the show. but seriously these 2 are my fav MCs (and producer for black) in hip hop right now period. black milk is slowly turning into one of the greatest producer/rappers in a loooong time, and hes still so young.
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