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  1. another low volume passing day yesterday... is this what this guy is or do we expect more going forward?
  2. another low volume passing day from tua so far.. is this what he is going to be?
  3. dude has value.. for me, drafted him as an ekeler handcuff. cant see myself starting both week to week. its a nightmare scenario
  4. anyone think this guy has more value than ekeler ROS?
  5. i was able to land this guy for tyler lockett yesterday.. pretty happy bout that
  6. in the league, or on the dolphins? please clarify
  7. thanks.. i knew he had a serious injury. owned this guy since the year he was drafted. thinking im throwing in the towel after this year if hes gone for the year.
  8. what injury did he have last year early on that he made a speedy recovery from after thinking he was gone for the year? wanna say that was a knee too wasnt it
  9. not good Rob Longley of the Toronto Sun reports that Teoscar Hernandez is expected to miss "serious time" due to an injury in his rib area. SOURCE: Rob Longley on Twitter Sep 6, 2020, 10:32 AM ET
  10. Not again.. hate when this happens on a weekend. now we sit and wait for news about what to do with lineups for next week. i have matt olson and liam hendricks
  11. I own Alonso and Dom Smith.. should I look elsewhere for this week? Any news about their schedule coming up? Or who tested positive even? Heard all subsequent tests have been clean, FWIW
  12. he was once a pretty highly ranked prospect when he was first coming up too, IIRC
  13. why are all the rankings so down on him this year? 20 year old reached AAA and a 165:54 K:BB rate in only 111 innings. Sure, hes small and struggled in AAA a bit but he's 20! He was a shiny new toy not long ago. I have him on all my teams as a prospect... am I missing something here that perhaps I should drop for someone higher ranked??
  14. 12 teamer, no flex, starters are shown. probably finishing 7-7 in my division where the winner will walk in with an 8-6 record. 3 division winners, 1 wild card playoff setup. mahomes and saquon were keepers
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