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  1. Agreed, QB's that don't finish games are not conducive to wining in FF.
  2. Defenses can be unpredictable once past the obvious choices with mismatches, so i'll ride the Browns this week with a big rivalry home game.
  3. I'm looking at the Browns because of mostly uninspiring options. I do like them better at home. They should be good for 2-3 Flacco sacks and a turn over or two with all their talent.
  4. I like AZ the best this week out of all those options. Good luck.
  5. I'd keep the Texans. Indy's starting OTs look like they are out. Couple that with the known Colts short passing game and I don't see them scoring many points either.
  6. I'm a bit concerned about Cleveland @ Oak. I believe their weakness is vs the run, and feel Gruden will try to run them out of Oakland. I do believe Mayfield will help to keep the game close, which woll be a positive for the defense, but they may put up mediocre numbers.
  7. The question is what happens when Jameis falters a bit? Back to Fitzmagic? I think the Bucks know what they have in Winston, the 3rd or 4th best QB in the division.
  8. Which is why I like neither. I wouldn't be surprised if Fitz struggles this week in Chicago, and Winston is the starter coming out of their bye. I also wouldn't be surprised if Winston finds the bench later in the season and Fitz starts and plays well, restarting the TB circle jerk.
  9. Patriots SS Patrick Chung (concussion) has been downgraded to out for Week 3. This was expected after Chung didn't practice and was listed as doubtful. The Patriots will also be without CB Eric Rowe (groin) and DL Trey Flowers (concussion) against Detroit. Source: Mike Reiss on Twitter
  10. I'd lean Carolina because they're at home, but it's close. Good luck.
  11. Jax vs a hobbled oline Titans team with the possibility of Gabbert or dinged up Mariota at QB.
  12. For this week I would rank them Hou, Miami, and Bal.
  13. Cooper looked good, not sure why they couldn't have game planned similarly last season or in game 1. I don't believe Crabtree was that good.
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