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  1. AK is dressing tomorrow, the Saints never replaced Zenner on the depth chart. Only time will tell how much each RB will play, though.
  2. The Saints never brought another RB in after waiving Zenner. AK is absolutely dressing tomorrow, the only question is what kind of work load he'll get.
  3. The Chargers aren't resigning him, he's not even their best RB. It will be interesting to see where he's traded to this week.
  4. I dropped this bum in my 10-teamer today once I came to the realization that I was never going to have the confidence to start him. I'm sure he'll be somebody's else's problem soon.
  5. For whatever reason, I'm not convinced he can pass a physical... hence the lack of an attempt to trade him. I wanted Gordon to be the player we once saw several years ago, but that player is long gone.
  6. I'd really temper your expectations today. Rhodes will be on Jones and Golladay is back in the mix.
  7. The Lions' pass defense is actually ranked #3 vs. opponents' #1 WR. If they choose to cover Theilen for a change, they're more than capable. We'll see. I feel Diggs will either be great or totally useless with no in-between.
  8. He's not coming back this season. That's 100% certain. Your league mates thank you for wasting a bench spot while they grab an actually useful piece and /or lottery ticket.
  9. Over those guys? Sure. I don't find today's news surprising, Drake wasn't going to get 80% of the looks. I don't think he'll produce any less than Ajayi back there (if that means anything.)
  10. Not coming back as a bellcow this season. It's entirely possible a 5-9 Cardinals team will roll DJ out for some work at the end of the season if he's able, but there's little point in giving him 30 touches with AP around.
  11. If he misses this Sunday, it would've been a multiple week injury. Their bye came at a great time. 'A month' is gleaning specificity out of a comment where none was intended.
  12. Pryor wasn't doing enough with Doctson off the field. It seems their offense doesn't run through that position, Thompson and the TEs get fed first.
  13. The Lions are notoriously tight-lipped with injuries. Check out the DeAndre Levy saga. Tate was out there to make the Steelers think and in no way should this be taken as a sign he'll be good to go this weekend. Two passes were thrown his way and he didn't even move his right arm on one of them.
  14. Blah, neither Doctson nor Pryor are startable. Could easily be looking at 5-6 targets with 3 catches for 40 yards. Thompson and the TEs get fed first.
  15. Has his name even been mentioned? If he was serving a disciplinary half game suspension for some odd reason, wouldn’t the press be on that? I think Pryor just flat out isn’t a part of the offense anymore.
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