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  1. Miami fans think Tua doesn't throw down the field well enough, but he does protect the ball. Seattle coaches don't think Wilson protects the ball well enough, but throws a great deep ball. Sounds to me like a match made in heaven.
  2. Mather gave the players' union all the material necessary to win cases in court. If Gilbert and Kelenic have good springs, the Ms may be forced to put them on the MLB roster from day one, just to avoid the inevitable lawsuit. Mather is such a bone head.
  3. Trout is generational, Acuna is generational, Soto is generational. We will see whether Franco is generational, but that is a very high bar.
  4. Heriberto is a fun prospect to own. He came cheap in my annual dynasty drafts last year thanks to this message board. He is an appreciating asset.
  5. Franco has not played a game above highA and yes, TB is always looking for ways to keep salary down, but perhaps he truly is not ready. You only have to look at Jo Adell, who was right behind Franco on many prospect lists. Despite having time in both AA and AAA Adell was a disaster in his first crack at MLB.
  6. Jack McKeon won a World Series with the Marlins at the age of 72. What's another 4 years.
  7. You didn't answer the question. Lowe mostly sat against LHers even though he hit LHers at 1.157 OPS. The reason they sat Lowe is so they could get at bats for Brousseau who crushed LHers at a 1.121 clip. Franco is a switch hitter but he was .921 as a LHed hitter in 2019 and .755 as a RHed hitter. Are you assuming he'll hit better as a Rher as he moves up levels? In 2018 while playing in the Appy league his OPS was .212 points higher as a LHed hitter. When Franco arrives, if he struggles a bit against lefties (and by struggling I'm talking about league average), why wouldn't TB platoon him
  8. Why do you think they limited Brandon Lowe's starts? He has even handedness splits and he was TB's best hitter.
  9. Brandon Lowe's career splits are .859 vs Rhers and .842 vs LHers yet he started 81% of games this year. Why? Two potential reasons, one to keep him fresh and keep others sharp with their added PT, and two keep his counting stats down which helps in arb negotiations. It is the Tampa Bay way given their budget restraints. I wouldn't write off the possibility that they do it with Franco as well. Tampa Bay is revolutionizing baseball. They initiated the "opener" and "bulk" reliever concept as a viable option. The use platoons more than any team in baseball. They seek out players with position
  10. Swift has a much higher ceiling than Gibson and and should be trending rapidly upward. Hang onto Swift if you can. My bad, Having a 5-1 record I actually favored trade 3, I mistakenly said trade 4. If you can afford to lose a game or two now, I'd prefer Taylor and Thomas going into the playoffs. Much, much higher upside.
  11. If you are in great shape record wise, where you can afford a loss in the next couple weeks, go for trade 4, as it gives the best playoff team. If playoffs require a push go with trade 2. You can't afford to deplete your WRs.
  12. Cooper has to share targets with DeeDee and Gallup. Claypool has to share targets with JuJu and Diontae. With Dalton replacing Dak, I'd go with Big ben's new favorite toy.
  13. Seattle also has already signed Josh Gordon on hopes of his reinstatement.
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