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  1. Since Dipoto arrived in Seattle, the Ms adopted a philosophy of better plate discipline. They, as a whole, are more selective, taking far more pitches. The Ms may not hammer pitchers, but they wear them out. They struggled to make contact with Rodon's pitches, but they also forced him to throw 96 pitches in 5 innings even though he had a WHIP of 1.00. Seattle is a tough lineup for a pitcher to be efficient. Don't make the mistake of thinking the Ms lineup is a walk in the park. I'm all in on Rodon.
  2. Assuming Kyle Lewis is heathy, I think Trammell is full time only until Kelenic is called up and then a 4 man rotation for 3 spots. If Trammell plays well he could facilitate a trade of Haniger at the deadline and goes back to full time duty, until JRod gets the call. If he stays in the organization, long term he looks like a 4th OFer.
  3. His success was based on one of the best changes in all of baseball and impeccable command of his fastball. Last year the command was gone. Paddack has had some pretty poor results this spring, but he's very likely working his fastball spin rate, and perhaps not concerned about results. It is Spring Training after all.
  4. Don't forget that Paddack was absolutely dominating in the minors. His 3 season WHIP was 0.805 with 230 Ks and 21 BBs. Maybe 2019 will be an outlier, but his minor league pedigree would suggest more quality seasons are coming.
  5. I think Wander and Julio are closer in fantasy then in real life. Wander plays a premium position and many sites' rankings include defense, which is why a guy like Pache ranks so highly on most lists.
  6. 2020 was a good year for Fuller. He proved he could stay healthy if he takes PEDs.
  7. I'm heavily invested in Nate Lowe in several dynasties. Sadly, your opinion reflects my current sentiment.
  8. Miami fans think Tua doesn't throw down the field well enough, but he does protect the ball. Seattle coaches don't think Wilson protects the ball well enough, but throws a great deep ball. Sounds to me like a match made in heaven.
  9. Mather gave the players' union all the material necessary to win cases in court. If Gilbert and Kelenic have good springs, the Ms may be forced to put them on the MLB roster from day one, just to avoid the inevitable lawsuit. Mather is such a bone head.
  10. Trout is generational, Acuna is generational, Soto is generational. We will see whether Franco is generational, but that is a very high bar.
  11. Heriberto is a fun prospect to own. He came cheap in my annual dynasty drafts last year thanks to this message board. He is an appreciating asset.
  12. Franco has not played a game above highA and yes, TB is always looking for ways to keep salary down, but perhaps he truly is not ready. You only have to look at Jo Adell, who was right behind Franco on many prospect lists. Despite having time in both AA and AAA Adell was a disaster in his first crack at MLB.
  13. Jack McKeon won a World Series with the Marlins at the age of 72. What's another 4 years.
  14. You didn't answer the question. Lowe mostly sat against LHers even though he hit LHers at 1.157 OPS. The reason they sat Lowe is so they could get at bats for Brousseau who crushed LHers at a 1.121 clip. Franco is a switch hitter but he was .921 as a LHed hitter in 2019 and .755 as a RHed hitter. Are you assuming he'll hit better as a Rher as he moves up levels? In 2018 while playing in the Appy league his OPS was .212 points higher as a LHed hitter. When Franco arrives, if he struggles a bit against lefties (and by struggling I'm talking about league average), why wouldn't TB platoon him
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