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  1. Hope Ayton practices landing for the next month
  2. Back on the Simmons train! Hope your rehab goes well during these trying times
  3. He's my only chance to recoup some of Simmons value. Glad he's back.
  4. Man, the insane part is have a first round bye and 2 IR slots and I'm struggling not to cut him. There are guys like Jrich and Dedmon who might be impact players down the stretch. This is such a hard decision. I do think KAT comes back before Simmons.
  5. won't matter given his minute limit and he probably won't play b2bs
  6. They have nothing to play for and it seems to be a recurring issue with Ayton. I was watching the game, just bad luck tbh.
  7. I'm hoping he's better than my end of roster options. The WW is bare man.
  8. Brogdon Simmons JJJ Holmes Mitch Rob Ayton KAT looool. Life.
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