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  1. Just get Claypool out of here without a catastrophic injury
  2. thoughts on denzel mims? i was excited with it looking like lawrence was coming to town with fields, i don't know what to think
  3. Mike Williams is a bum I’m not even in the playoffs but still... dude is a waste of talent His best play today was on defense 😆
  4. if he gets traded to a team where he's the only pass catcher with hands
  5. Further proof fantasy fb is nothin but a game of dumb luck
  6. as a Mims dynasty owner I am sick looking at this score
  7. yea dynasty stash only but i will immediately drop if the jets eff this up and fail to lose enough to get lawrence
  8. getting claypool vibes from him or maybe it's because they're both #11 🤔
  9. i'm honestly worried about his dynasty prospects considering the bears havent had a QB since...
  10. Murray is the reason no one in my dynasty league will trade with me no matter how much I overpay so much salt
  11. agreed. dropped. and i'm glad because i was running out of dynasty slots he's nothing but a JAG who played well when given the opportunity and his QB is god awful
  12. Pittman would have had a TD if his agility attribute was 5pts higher
  13. Yea idk why he didn’t block clowney and pick up the first down at the same time
  14. If you can convince someone to take him in a trade off the strength of that tweet, perhaps
  15. yup, dropped as soon as Cam got the goalline TD yesterday nothing but a blind dart throw
  16. The nfl should investigate that blatant tank job gross
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