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  1. Any Fuller owners targeting Coutee this week?
  2. No Thursday night next week. Cowboys/Ravens moved to a now double-header MNF.
  3. In a weird position due to auto-draft giving me Lockett/Metcalf and Fuller/Cooks on my roster. Lockett/Metcalf have been a godsend this year. This week I'm playing against Watson owner. Would you bench Lockett for Cooks, given most of Watson's passes will be to Fuller/Cooks... somewhat negating Watson's upside and ensuring I don't play the "wrong" Texan WR?
  4. Unless there's a competitive reason to tank, like next year's draft position, I personally would set my lineups like I was still in competition. Our league has weekly high score win bonuses, and smallish payout for consolation bracket winner, to keep people in play.
  5. Need 10 points from Goff in 2H. *Seems* hopeful, but too many hopes have been dashed in more favorable situations for me to feel good.
  6. There's no consensus because there's no meaningful track record to base any prediction, which is why there's value stashing him for a week if you can to see how many times Hill looks his way.
  7. With the weather situation in Cleveland tomorrow, and the Browns probably bleeding the clock in a heavy dose of run, would you start Mike Williams over Fuller or Cooks? Would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago, but Williams has managed to string together 2 decent games and is in a much better matchup... possibly a shootout.
  8. Anyone considering benching Fuller if the weather ends up being as bad as the current forecast (rain, wind gusts 30-40mph)? Also Cleveland most likely will be running the ball all day, bleeding time off the clock. [...] I'm seriously considering it given the wind issue.
  9. I have both DK and Lockett and have been starting both since week 2. I'm sitting Lockett for Cooks this weekend for the same reason - the matchup and the recent mediocre performance.
  10. Currently rolling with Tannehill as my QB1. Have Goff as my backup but Ryan was dropped to waivers this week. Would you prefer Ryan or Goff as your backup/streamer? Goff is consistently mediocre, unlikely to win you game but not likely to lose them either. Ryan has put up a few turds. Looks better with Julio back, but even so would have only had a 16 point day without his rushing TD last week.
  11. 7 for 24, with 11 of them coming on one play, is playing well? That's 6 for 13 on the other runs.
  12. [...] Probably still a risky start going forward, but if he continues to get rapport with Herbert he could be a force down the stretch -- especially if Allen gets injured.
  13. I'm starting him because I have no choice [...] I (choose to) buy into the rest explanation of last week's disaster, and expect him to get the start. But I think Shanahan will roll with the hot hand, so if Hasty breaks out a few runs I can see them keeping him in there. I was actually going to start both McKinnon and Hasty, hoping at least one would not be a flop, before the news broke that I could get another decent week out of Williams with Jones likely being out.
  14. Chubb and Ekeler on IR, and had to start Freeman who has put me way behind. I'm figuring Williams is the obvious choice... would anyone start McKinnon instead, especially given Shan's recent comments of McKinnon's legs not being "fresh"?
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