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  1. Agreed completely. If you’re starting freeman this week something went terribly wrong for you already. He was an rb2 last year even missing games. On a way worse team with way worse game scripts than last year, he’ll probably be a flex at best. But he’ll have some decent 2nd half games and hopefully be a solid bye week/flex fill in.
  2. I have Cook and Drake without Mattison and Edmunds. Both would be studs but have zero value this early in the season. I’m targeting backs with a clearer path to weekly touches like James Robinson or backups that would be bellcows in higher ceiling offenses like Darrel Williams. If none pan out I can trade for other backups with depth at other positions.
  3. Traded Odell Beckham and Evan Engram for Allen Robinson, Mark Andrews, and $20 FAAB cash in week 6. I’m in the championship game because of it.
  4. I’m in the same boat, and I’m rolling with Baker over Jameis. I can’t risk my fantasy playoff matchup on a turnover prone QB with a fracture in his throwing hand missing his top WR in what should be a blowout. as I type this I realize Mayfield is also a turnover prone QB with an injured WR1. But at least his throwing hand isn’t injured, he has pass catching rbs, and the game should be competitive. Ok, talked myself back into Baker.
  5. Thanks for the clarity fellas. @vercrazy used your vid and post to close the issue.
  6. Rotoworld forum members, please help! I have a GM in my league that says he lost week 14 due to an error in week 14 for Deshaun Watson. Both he and his opponent say that just before Watsons last pick that he had 304 yards passing. Then he throws the pick which is returned for 12 yards, and 12 yards get deducted from his yardage total at 292, which is whats reported on the box score at Yahoo, ESPN, and NFL.com. We give 5 point bonuses at 300 passing yards, and the GM lost by 2 points. So if Watsons yardage total would have held up, that GM would have won his playoff matchup. Did a
  7. You drop Breida or Walton for Moore. Or you stand pat. Your team is solid. Moore isn't much of an upgrade over Green and he won't be a starter for you with Nuk, Hill and Kupp plus your flex-able RBs. Hold your WW spot til you really need to use it.
  8. You're not gonna get him unless you offer up at least Mack plus Woods and maybe even another RB. He's in the catbirds seat here; there are other GMs to trade with.
  9. I really like Pascal. Hilton hurt which should mean a lot of targets in what should be a tight game.
  10. Man, tough call. None are great options. But I'd go with Singletary as well. McLaurin with Haskins as his QB is a non-start for me til they show some semblance of chemistry. Sanders is intriguing, but it is against the Bears, and they could favor Howard this week in a revenge game. Process of elimination leaves Singletary. He's been getting the RB targets and the WAS D line is tough which usually means more counters and outside runs which is not Gores strength at this point.
  11. I would not play Sutton. Rookie QB in his first game against a decent pass rush in what is projected to be a low volume, low scoring game. No thanks. As for the others... AP... hurt and HASKINS!!! Westbrook... he's hurt; looks bad. And He's the #3 option in the pass game after Chark and Fournette Monty... Philly is top 5 vs the run and Cohen gets all the RB targets Crowder... I think this is a sneaky good game for him. Darnold and co. should be playing catchup and he's been getting 6.3 targets a game since Darnolds mono (LOL). But all that said.... I'd go
  12. Man, I agree Chark has been the better player. But this week, I'm sitting Chark. Against Houston, which is bad against the pass AND the run, I fully expect another 30 carry game from Fournette with the Jags doing everything they can to keep Watson off the field. Chark will still get 7+ targets, but I'm not confident he breaks 100 or gets a TD. Brown though faces an absolutely terrible Redskins secondary. The Bills D and the lack of Redskins O will keep this game low volume and low scoring. That said, the Skins do play well against the run and Gore/Singletary haven't been lighting it
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