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  1. Well, you gotta run when you field. And you must field, when you pitch. Hitting is less important, but still. I'm okay with his current timetable. I have him in an H2H league, so I really just care about how he does in Aug & Sep.
  2. He could cool down, and have his numbers stable out into a 20hr catcher like he's done before. What I'm hoping for is, an anomoly year from a guy who can hit, who many have a fluffed amount of total ABs because of DH. Something like .280-30hr-70rbi type year could be possible.
  3. Sheesh maybe that hand injury affecting him more than expected
  4. Here we go folks. The the top 20 szn begins this weekend
  5. Woodruff just went 7ip 1h 0er 8ks what lol 😆
  6. Is he in the rotation permanently though?
  7. That's just terrible to see. I don't own him anywhere but just as a fan, it was good to see him have such a good start to the year cuz we all know he's a masher. I'm hoping it isn't as serious as it looked
  8. Someone played the Monster Reborn card on this dude. HR
  9. He's 2-2 with a BB, I don't know, call it recency bias but he's an OBP machine.
  10. Yea was confused they had this goliath batting 6th.
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