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  1. I imagine he would need another pitch to be successful as a starter
  2. He's hitting .333 with a SB over his 1st 4 games in the big leagues. I'm very happy to have him as my MI in my 15 team league
  3. So they have Brach, Betances, and Familia as possibilities.....I guess you throw some crap at the wall and see if it sticks??
  4. Who's the guy to grab in the KC Bullpen if Rosenthal is dealt?? I imagine Staumont
  5. Any word on when this guy might return to Miami?
  6. It sucks that this guy can't find any AB's.....[...]
  7. Yeah, Bellinger being my 1st Rd pick has really been awesome!!! I thought about taking Soto or Story in the same spot. SMH
  8. Don't forget Austin Adams is coming back this week. Probably the best arm in that bullpen
  9. I noticed the same thing!!! That can't be good....
  10. Didn't look good.....He lunged towards 1st base trying beat out a grounder.
  11. Lamet still remembers how to walk batters
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