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  1. To clarify, Whitley thought adding weight would help him over the course of a season and showed up to spring training weighing 236. The Astros did not agree with this and were unhappy. Whitley is now weighing 203 and reportedly looks very sharp. Saying he has serious attitude issues is just a hot take.
  2. This has now been completed to al teams This is now done for all teams. https://www.carolinaleagueprospects.com/2020/02/2020-team-prospect-previews.html
  3. Backfire is a zombie prospect. After his suspension in 2017 he pitched in the AZL where had a 1.41 WHIP in 17 innings. In 2018 he had a 1.59 WHIP in 34.2 innings in the Carolina League. In 2019 he did not pitch until June returning to the Carolina League and he gave up 9 runs in his first 6.2 innings although he did strikeout 14. Something clicked and he was unhitable all of sudden. The rest of the way he pitched 26 scoreless innings allowing nine hits and six walks while striking out 39. It would be an incredible story if he had successful career after all his issues. It is so
  4. I feel the same way about James Anderson. I like him but you have to understand his patterns and take some things with a grain of salt. He has a tendency to dream on the unknown and then downgrade players who are impressive but whose stats are not eye popping. His Cubs ranking drove me crazy. Miguel Amaya is ranked eighth behind Ronnier Quintero, who is a bad bodied 17 year old. Amaya is not quite 21 and will be in AA this year. Amaya looks like a solid starting major league catcher. Who knows what Quintero is at this point but the chances that he progresses as smoothly as Amay
  5. Here are the first half of my team prospect previews. There will be a number of top prospects in the Carolina League in 2020 and some interesting sleeper for deep dynasty leagues. https://www.carolinaleagueprospects.com/2020/02/2020-team-prospect-previews.html
  6. RHP Jhoan Duran has developed very nicely for the Twins since being traded from the Dbacks in the Eduardo Escobar trade. Duran is a big guy who throws in the triple digits. He pitched some in AA in 2019 and should be ready in 2021. AL Central is a good division for a pitcher.
  7. Two older, very late 2018 draft picks have been impressive in the Arizona Fall League. I am a sucker for a good underdog story. Mariners RHP Penn Murfee was a 2018 33rd round draft pick that spent most of the year in AA. He will be 26 in May. Murfee was at Vanderbilt most of his college career but finished at Santa Clara. He was mostly a position before moving to pitching full time in 2018. He only has allowed 1 earned in 10 innings in the Arizona Fall League. Last night he struck out 7 in 4 shutout innings. Rangers RHP RP Cole Uvila was a 40th 2018 draft pick that spent most o
  8. Jojanse Torres is another one. Weird backstory where MLB would not approve his contract for some reason. The Brewers tried to sign him in 2015 but it was not approved. It took the Astros over a year to finally sign Torres. He just turned 24 but has gone from the DSL to the Carolina League in one year. Torres can throw up to 100 and also has a slider and change up that have potential to be plus pitches.
  9. A new updated top 50 prospect ranking in the Carolina League for July. https://www.carolinaleagueprospects.com/2019/08/july-carolina-league-top-50-prospects.html Twitter: https://twitter.com/league_carolina
  10. Duran has decent size 6' 200 lbs but even in college he never hit for any power (2 homers in 658 career at bats). Who knows what will happen once he starts to play with the major league balls. Duran looked great in the Carolina League, but last year I was all in on Ryan McKenna. McKenna put up similar stats in 2018 in the Carolina League to what Duran did this year and has been in AA for about a year now with disappointing results. If I had to predict, I would say that Duran is a 4th outfielder.
  11. Top 50 prospect ranking in the Carolina League for May. https://www.carolinaleagueprospects.com/2019/06/mays-top-50-prospects-in-carolina-league.html Twitter: https://twitter.com/league_carolina
  12. Here is an interesting fact about Luis Garcia. If he was still in the Carolina League, Garcia would be the youngest player in the league by more than a year.
  13. In the last couple years the Astros has gotten very good at seemingly turning anyone pitching in their organization into a high strikeout pitcher. I think it is too early to tell if this going to have a huge impact at the big league level The Astros don't really have any big names on their pitching staff at Fayetteville in the Carolina League. However, their pitchers are average 11.1 strikeouts per game. The next best team is Lynchburg (Singer, Lynch and Kowar) at 9.58 strikeouts per game. They also don't have any big named pitching prospects in Quad Cities where their stadium is flo
  14. Top 50 prospect ranking in the Carolina League for April. https://www.carolinaleagueprospects.com/2019/05/aprils-top-47-prospects-in-carolina.html Twitter: https://twitter.com/league_carolina
  15. You don't generally see many relief prospects,but James Karinchak in the Indians org is an interesting name. He was a 9th round pick in 2017 and is 23. Last year at three levels A, A+ and AA he struck out 81 in 48.2 innings. He also walked too many batters (36). He only allowed 29 hits This year at AA he has pitched 6 innings with no hits and two walks.with 17 strikeouts. Meaning he has faced 20 hitters and struck out 17!
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