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  1. Bengals (home) over 49ers also looks good for people not wanting top teams. Jimmy G and 49ers run game looking terrible. Not convinced the defense is improved, just got a couple of blessings from Winston. Bengals have a strong defense line that got to RW a lot. 49ers also have a weak O-Line. Bengals new OC has the offense moving and Dalton put up 400+ under him in his first game.
  2. Could say the same thing for the Jets. The Browns have a talented roster though just needed chemistry since Mayfield didn’t get many snaps with his WRs in preseason. Can’t see that defense getting beat by Trevor Siemian even if the Jets are home.
  3. My favorite part about him is that when Keenum is benching for Haskins we will really see his full potential. Which could honestly happen Week 6 if they go 0-5. Haskins would’ve hit him in stride for that would be 75 yard TD. Starting him in one league but possibly 2 depending on my flex. Snap count, No WR competition, targets, negative game scripts. What more could you ask for. He has the makings of WW pick up of the year
  4. Panthers and Browns for me this week. Texans are home but we don’t know what to expect from a rookie QB and he actually looked pretty seasoned against KC. Saving Pats, Ravens and Chiefs, while hoping for a survivor pool changing upset in each. Cowboys v Redskins could go either way as Redskins looked pretty good before collapsing last week. No Darnold, Bell dinged up, Enunwa gone and possibly no CJ Mosley or Quinnen Williams. Say less. Browns could be used later when they get chemistry going but looks like the perfect week to use them while home and coming off of an embarrassi
  5. Liking Darren Waller more and note with Luke Wilson being cut.
  6. Would love to draft tomorrow or possibly even late tonight but anything open this week would be good.
  7. Absolutely agree with this post. The focus this year should be RB/TE as those are the positions with the biggest drop off after the top guys. At WR, there are guys like Mike Williams, DJax, Manny Sanders, Curtis Samuel and plenty of other who offer very high upside late in the draft.
  8. He’s been running with the 1s with Rosen for a couple days in a row now so i’m not too sure about that. Hes looking like he can make an immediate impact.
  9. I’m only doing only auction this year with focus on these guys. Saquon and CMC - self explanatory Thielen - $30 in an auction is a steal when most top receivers go for double. Carson Wentz & DJax - I see this being one of the lowest riskiest/highest reward stack this year. Mike Williams - Tyrell gone and MG holding out. Chris Carson - Undervalued David Montgomery & Miles Sanders AJ green - With WR being so deep this year, getting him cheap and stashing in IR is clutch.
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