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  1. Yes. More mariota rushes please. How about a few mariota rushing touchdowns too?
  2. Keenan Allen loves fantasy managers. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s telling Herbert right now to throw him garbage time red zone touchdowns
  3. So he's starting now. Startable in fantasy?
  4. Great analysis here on Tyron Johnson by Sean Korner: https://www.actionnetwork.com/nfl/nfl-prop-bets-picks-chargers-vs-raiders-thursday-night-football-2020?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=seankoerner
  5. If Keenan Allen sits, Evan Silva thinks KJ Hill will take over for Allen in the slot. Who is KJ Hill? A rookie with 4 catches all year. In other words, he's no threat. Tyron Hill is a great sleeper here.
  6. This sucks. If LAC is without Mike Williams AND Keenan Allen, what is this Chargers offense going to look like? Less first downs, more Eckler, and maybe they fall behind quicker and Herbert at least gets garbage time with some deep shots but throws more picks? Was counting on a Herbert-Allen stack. Anyone rolling the dice with a Herbert-Tyron Johnson stack instead?
  7. Looking back at that week 10 game vs. CIN, the Steelers had nothing going on the ground. They led the whole game and won 36-10, but Ben kept throwing through the 4th quarter and ended up with 4 TDs. The Steelers still can't run the ball and the Bengals are still terrible on defense, so maybe we see a repeat of this game script? Over the four games though, Ben has thrown 7 touchdowns to 5 interceptions. So...now the Steelers can't run or pass???
  8. In a game where they probably won’t need him (CIN all-around sucks)...why would they reward him with playing time and targets? This feels like a “get the ground game right” type of game. Ben is not going to need to do much. Steelers defense might score all the points. Or do they go to him a ton after they’re up and try to get HIM right? Going to be really hard to trust this guy next week.
  9. Not worried about Pollard at all. His first six runs went for 7 yards. He looked great on special teams and that's where he will stay (and spell Zeke) I thought this game was encouraging. Dalton actually looked decent against a tough pass defense, which led to decent output from Zeke. Much improved play from Dalton and probably his best game yet considering the opponent. Dalton has had a tough, tough schedule so far...WAS (3rd ranked pass D per DVOA, 10th vs. rush), MIN (10th, 17th), WAS (3rd, 10th), BAL (9th, 4th). It's no mystery why Zeke's fantasy output has been suff
  10. This just blew my mind (see video halfway down page): https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2018/01/11/alex-smith-was-nfls-most-accurate-deep-passer-in-2017/ That wasn't that long ago. Smith was 33 years old then and he's 36 years old now. This isn't a 43 year old Brady situation. And in 2017 the other Chiefs receivers sucked other than Tyreek (and Kelce). I want to believe Smith can still do it. God, if you're listening, please give Alex Smith the strength to channel is inner 2017 self and throw Tyreek-esque bombs to F1 McLaurin these next three games so I do
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