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  1. I'd definitely get him but I wouldn't want to drop Dobbins or Aiyuk. I really like Aiyuk when he comes back.. is there anyone else on your roster you could drop? please help with mine.
  2. I'd go with Cooks. If Carson is out for Seattle then I might consider Dallas, but I'd probably go Cooks either way. But those two easily over the rest. please help with mine..
  3. Come on guys, I've helped out a lot of people! Again, would you trade Cooper Kupp and Darren Waller for Michael Thomas? I have Fant to replace Waller. Or is Thomas too risky right now? and once again, will help in return!
  4. Yes, I would do it. Especially if you're going to drop Brieda anyway. And I would rank them Beasley, Kirk, Patrick. Please help with mine..
  5. No, I definitely wouldn't make that deal. please help with mine..
  6. Yeah, I think i'd go with Fournette as well. Much better offense. please help with mine..
  7. Anyone? just leave me a link and i'll help with yours.
  8. I'd keep it like you have it as well. please help with mine..
  9. I'd go Agholor as well. please help with mine..
  10. CEH and Gibson. Please help with mine..
  11. Anyone else? Sorry, i just can't decide here and this could make or break my season... so far it's unanimous here to make the trade, but I've checked other threads where people are saying they don't want any part of Thomas right now. will definitely help in return!
  12. Yeah, I'd probably do it. I mean Hockenson is an upgrade over Hurst, and it doesn't look like you'll ever be starting Chark. And in an 8 team league I'm sure there are comparable WRs on the WW. So yeah, I'd do it. Please help with mine.
  13. Anyone else? I'm just a little nervous because Kupp's targets have picked up lately, but mainly just worried about the downgrade from Waller to Fant. whir!
  14. Thanks for you help with mine... I'm really not that familiar with the Dolphins current RB situation, but from just the little that I've read I think I'd probably go with Laird too in PPR.
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