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  1. Can someone compile a current projection list?
  2. So definitely go IBS in keeper and dynasty formats?
  3. I have Dodgers Will Smith and Cody Bellinger: Fresh Prince of Bellinger A couple of years ago, when I acquired Machado: Handy Manny and the Tools I have Josh Bell and Bellinger and thought about: For Whom the Bells Toll
  4. I know the intradivision trades are rare, but imagine a scenario where he goes to the Dodgers and hits in the middle of that lineup...I think some of his stats might actually improve...and he'd probably gain some other positional eligibility.😂
  5. He definitely has value in deeper leagues like my NL-only OPS league.
  6. I was helping to drive the Juan Duran hype train several years ago. Thought he was going to be a 40 bomb per year guy in the majors.
  7. I was all in on all three of these guys and seriously pumped LaPorta as the next great hitting stud.
  8. Paddack killed it last year in ST and forced their hand. I think Gore would have to do the same.
  9. As a dynasty owner, I'll take that for floor and realistic projection with the chance he goes nuts and outpitches both.
  10. Minor league deal...his star has definitely fallen since leaving Minnesota.
  11. My league counts both QS and W. Hoping he finally runs into some of those Ws this season.
  12. Turner played in only 12 more games and had only 15 more ABs, yet 12 more HR. I agree that Vlad has great upside, but Turner has been a beast since joining the Dodgers.
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