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  1. This guy hit 47 barrels in 2019. He would have hit 37 homers in Yankee Stadium. He ranked extremely high in Outs Above Average for multiple years. He's going to play.
  2. Don't forget.. they also have nothing in RF. He's probably their best 1B and best RF.
  3. He's also their only LHB other than Ohtani. He's going to play. Maddon had him in the 2 hole.
  4. His exit velocity went up last year when he stopped choking up. He plays in a sick park for LHBs so if he sells outs for power, I bet he could hit 25 again.
  5. It seems impossible that you can have a torn UCL after not pitching for a year. But he IS a pitcher, so I guess anything is possible.
  6. This guy hit 42 homers between AAA/MLB last year, has 99th percentile sprint speed and homered multiple times off Ryu, Thor and Hader down the stretch. Sign Puig.
  7. Tauchman and Tom Murphy just last year.... What's even worse is that they're scrambling for a catcher too. Insane.
  8. They should just trade Winker and run Senzel in a corner. And vs. LHP you can put him in CF and Aquino in a corner. Akiyama can sit. This is not really a hard problem to solve. Winker can rake RHP but he has no value on the field besides that.
  9. As a pure hitter I think so, definitely. He hit 35 homers last year between AAA/MLB with a K rate about the same as LeMahieu. I'm just thinking there's definitely a clear way to use Ford. Against RHP @ home for sure.
  10. Well.. Ford is the best LHB on the whole roster so it wouldn't be nuts if he got ABs as a DH, especially at home. Stanton LF, Voit 1B, Ford DH. Andujar worked in against LHP. I don't see the rationale in playing Andujar over Ford if they both suck defensively. Ford's batted ball profile and strike zone metrics are all great. There is some merit in having that LHB in the middle of the lineup somewhere to break up all the RHBs, I think.
  11. Reddick sucks and has no value long-term because this is his last year under contract. Why wouldn't they just use him as a 4th OF and start Tucker?
  12. Senzel was a top 10 prospect who nuked the minor leagues. In the first 3 months before he changed his swing he had an OPS over. 800. He could go 20/20 and .300 next year and no one should be surprised.
  13. I was on Beede at the beginning of last ST, acquired him in a 30 teamer, and watched almost all his starts. He changed pitching style about 3 times over the course of the season. This guy was sinker/slider before 2019 after being 4 seam/curve in college. So the new guys in SF told him to forget sinker/slider and go back to what got him drafted. Except he didn't really spike his curve usage. He was 4 seam and change, but 4 seam low in the zone. Got killed. After a month or two he re-introduced his slider and it killed righties. But still the 4 seam was working down and curve usage w
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