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  1. Couldnt find your team. I like the trade without ryan involved and i like mt over julio, but thats preference. mack/diggs for mt13.
  2. Hello guys. In a 12 team ppr league. current team brissett, winston cmac, cook, bell, singletary jbrown, chark, woods, metcalf, agholor kittle bills, pitts currently dropping agholor for stafford. team im trying to trade allen, darnold michel, montgomery, sanders, penny, henderson mt13, evans, robinson, gallup, samuel howard, fant i am trying to hold bell, cmac and cook if I can.
  3. Traded obj/carson/hyde for cmc/aghlor. Slight regrets on giving hyde, but should even out
  4. Really depends on what the possible trades are. Solid team all around.l, as of now I’d stay put, I still dont see Hunt taking a lot from Chubb, but i could be wrong.
  5. 1. Best trade you can get , but owner will say no especially after Hill’s game yesterday. Might have to add mike williams. Try the trade first and see what he says. 3. Most possible due to Obj underperforming and a buy low candidate.
  6. Yes do it. Cooper is hurt and good matchups ahead. Cincy has a weak OL and usually play from behind. Plus you’re covered in rb.
  7. Well you trash talk and you probably pick up the handcuffs before they can so they get mad. Hahaha. Nothing you can do as it’s not cheating, you made the decision to not run a kicker or defense to begin with. Plan your next weeks as if they are colluding against you and you will stay ahead. Good luck
  8. Absolutely no questions asked. Jamaal is a backup. Mixon should outscore him at least 8/10 times
  9. Knox fells or the guy from nyg ellison i think if hes there. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/769651-who-wins-this-cmc-vs-obj-whir/
  10. Hard to trust guys in carolina when cmc is the main guy. I think try for another receiver. Help with mines?
  11. Take it back. Connor should improve and cooks is not the man in LA
  12. I rather have the hopkins side tbh. Hes at a buy low right now, but hes about to go ham
  13. I just traded obj/carson/hyde for cmc/agholor what do you guys think? current ros winston cook, carson, bell, hyde, singletary obj, woods, j. Brown, chark, goodwin kittle, herndon buf, gb new ros winston cmc, bell, cook, singletary woods, chark, brown, goodwin, agholor kittle, herndon gb, buf thin at wr, but i can hope! Might trade bell for michael thomas too
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