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  1. Luke Walton wanted to remind us that he is the worst coach in the NBA in case we forgot
  2. For those asking about Drummond getting the "INJ" tag in yahoo leagues, Yahoo has just introduced the "IL+" tag that players with the "O" (out) tag like Drummond can be placed in and it will open up a roster spot for your squad. For private leagues, your league commissioner needs to change the league roster settings to include this new tag for it to be used on rosters.
  3. what an unbelievably well thought out retort 🙄
  4. ok, now do the math of his previous 600 games, Mr. Analytics. Those numbers don't mean nearly as much as you think they do. Guess who has the highest true shooting percentage IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME?? Deandre friggin Jordan. Gee, i wonder why? maybe cause he never shot the ball further than 3 inches from the rim? Since his TSP is so high, he must be a better shooter than Steph, right?? Anyway, i wasn't talking about detailed analytics, I was simply talking about Drummond's scoring. Those numbers you posted don't tell you the story, you have to watch these guys play to get a better idea of
  5. How good was shaq outside of 3 feet? 🙄
  6. I am not really trying to compare Drummond to Shaq, they are obviously on different levels, I am just pointing out that people are dissing Drummond for many of the same things Shaq did while praising him. And Shaq was the biggest underachiever in the history of sports. If anything, Drummond is an over-achiever. He was bullied as a kid and overcame that and became a incredible athlete, meanwhile Shaq was a bully his entire career. Shaq was a freak of nature and because of that, he should have put up Wilt-like numbers, but he wasn't even close. Like you said, he never really worked at improv
  7. Those are completely different kinds of players and I never compared them. My point was to counter the guy who said that Drummond is one of the worst offensive bigs in the league which couldn't possibly be anymore wrong. If you want to say one of the worst shooters of the bigs, sure. But offensive? no way. Again, Shaq couldn't shoot either nor hit free throws and didn't exactly have a massive repertoire of offensive moves like Olajuwon, Yet he was considered one of the best offensive bigs, so why then would anyone say that Drummond is one of the worst? that's just flat out wrong. He passes th
  8. Again, that's ONLY this year which is only a bit over 1/3 done and he has only played 25 games so far. Lets look at every other year of his career : 53% , 53% , 53% , 53% , 52% , 52% , 51%, 62%, 61%. So his career FG% is 54% which is great. So... you are gonna go by the last 25 games vs. the previous SIX HUNDRED games? haha brilliant.
  9. Hahaha mr. Analytics here haha. yeah, you must know much more than all the coaches he has had that trust him with the ball and make him a major focus on their offense. I am shocked you're busy typing on a random forum and not coaching in the NBA?
  10. you can say that about FG% with just about ALL big men in the history of the sport until recently with the trend of big men shooting from distance.
  11. Well you may wanna look at every other year of his career, Where he is much higher, well into the 50s and some years even over 60%. This year is only a bit over 1/3 done. He is a good scoring center. To say he's one of the worst is stupid. Just cause he doesn't take long distance shots doesn't make him a bad offensive player. No one said that about Shaq. You can say he is not a good "shooter" but he is good around the rim and to say he is one of the worst offensive bigs is just stupid.
  12. so a top 6 scoring center in the entire league with a high field goal percentage is one of the worst offensive bigs in the league? gotcha. 🙄
  13. Yet another dumb statement by this guy. Lazy? Rebounding is 100% about EFFORT and he is the best rebounder in the league and one of the best in the history of the sport. He may not be a lock down defender but he is one of the better shot blockers in the league and is a rim defender, which makes players think twice before attacking the rim. He is on "mediocre" franchises? He has been with only one for a full year, the one that drafted him who surrounded him with absolutely nothing. You're clearly just creaming in your pants cause you have Allen and celebrating that he will get more minutes,
  14. yeah no one wants him, genius. That's why he is getting paid nearly 30 million dollars a year.
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