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  1. Yahoo has not updated the schedule bbsucks as now I need a tight end to cover Henry and I can't start Kelley next week. Roster construction such a biotch now that covid messes the schedule weely
  2. Drake literally ran zero routes last week in a game they lost. He has 5 catches on the season. This other guys in time shares will likely still see a good workload and if we think Arizona is going to demolish the jets then there will be lots of short passes to Crowder. I can't afford another sub 5 point game thin drakes floor is he gets benched midgame and Edmonds takes over.
  3. Jets actually have good run defense. That 1 ridiculous run by Gordon skews things but they are actually my bad that way just usually playing from behind so teams are running alot. If Drake gets no passing work then he is awful. He ran no routes last game. Kyler never looks to dump off to him. I don't like his floor.
  4. Good to go doesn't mean carry the load. Could be 50 50 split letting him get the between the 20s work early in game and then sit when big lead.
  5. Tough matchup but he is getting targets. So would go Higgins slightly over TY with cooks last.
  6. This week Ebron. Late season Claypool as he will get more integrated.
  7. Kelley with tougher matchup but should get goal line work and be in on Passing downs as better pass blocker. Bell will see work but...they are Gase and jets so no goal line work.
  8. Healthy bell as Flacco throws a lot to RB.
  9. Title says it all. Leaning McKinnon but now hear Mostert likely to pay. If he does, stay with Jet McKinnon with less work? Or pivot to one of the others like disappointing Drake, bad match up Kelley or Crowder with Flacco throwing?
  10. Think Kelley will see 65 to 70% work load. So 18 to 20 total touches with Jackson seeing 10
  11. Never heard of arb being a decoy. That said Fournette was technically active for the Bucs on Thursday but never saw the field despite 1 of the other 2 RB getting hurt for part of the game. That said he was doubtful not questionable. Still if her and Wilson are doing ok they may try to limit his touches unless handle dictates he play. Passing downs will go to McKinnon. Blow out in either direction too. So will be a close game to see him get work.
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