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  1. Can keep up to 3 (dont have to keep 3, if I prefer the draft pick) of the following. Sacrifice the corresponding draft pick if I select them. Its a PPR League with a Superflex and no kicker. -Zeke (Round 1). Obviously just need information on his holdout. Trying to delay deadline to submit keepers as long as possible on this one. -Rodgers (Round 2). -Mixon (Round 3). -Edleman (Round 10) -Tarik Cohen (Final round). -Dashaen Hamilton (Final Round). My lean right now (unless get bad news on Zeke front) is Zeke, Mixon, Edleman. Have 1 more week to finalize so hoping for Zeke ne
  2. Cant do it. With or without AB on squad. No touch for me.
  3. Have him as RB12 with more upside in PPR. veyr bullish on him
  4. Sutton all the way. Trequan might not offer any value this year.
  5. He is on my proceed with caution list. Unproven and in potential timeshare. However he will be a cog in the most powerful offense in the NFL (if healthy). Would consider him at 3rd or 4th round. not earlier.
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