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  1. Makes sense why this guy can’t average more than 5 boards. Proper bum juice.
  2. Benched again?! Dang. McMillan must have pure hatred for this guy.,
  3. Blurb says benched for matchup purposes. He’s one of last guys in the league to be a burden for matchup purposes. Proper BS by coach or dumb blurb.
  4. Do you watch Mavs games bro? They basically use him as a 3 n D. He likes to get in the high post but it’s not in Mavs style of play. They should trade him as he’s being wasted.
  5. Sux ball sack. Tried to pair both him and Clarkson in my punt assist teams but missed out in one of them. Gotta slot ******** Dennis Smith JR in the PG position now. Praying.
  6. Trade Carlisle. This guy getting stale. Luka is must watch tv, however the teams style of play is unwatchable.
  7. Identical to last year besides points. Perhaps a point to a point and a less than the 18.7 from last season.
  8. He looks a beefier than last season. Def not moving as quick. Hopefully he sheds a few pounds in addition to improving his conditioning during this time out.
  9. Wouldn’t have minded so much if he didn’t have the slow slow start. If you draft AD you know what you getting with regards to the locker room n day to day stuff so no beefing from me with that.
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