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  1. fournette. Zeke is going to get like 4-5 points, Fournette will do that against atlanta even if he timeshares with Shady. Fournette in my opinion has the highest floor and highest ceiling of these 2
  2. Amari Cooper, only Dallas player worth playing Goedert, atleast with him youn know he is playing the entire game and is getting targets Browns. Daniel Jones just gives the ball away
  3. Akers and Hilton. HOWEVER, if Mostert looks more than questionable I pull Hilton and throw Wilson in
  4. Brees 100%. Minshew isnt going to do alot vs Baltimore
  5. So he can beat the jets. Does that build confidence vs WFT and the Rams?
  6. Stafford. could be some garbage time points to be had
  7. 4 pts for Passing TD 6 pts for Rushing TD Roethlisburger vs Buffalo Taysom Hill vs Philly
  8. davis if Cmac doesnt play, and booker/landry Sanders/Booker/ landry if he does
  9. Mostert even tho he has been off. and TY Hilton
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