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  1. I am not completely sure of the question Lovullo got asked but it seemed he would have used Ginkel last night as the closer/set up if he wasn't sick. He should be fine tonight and lets see if he can pitch well with limited options in the pen after the extra innings last night. If he can pitch well tonight and having limited closer experience, I would lean towards Ginkel.
  2. Ginkel time until JB gets called up. They might not want to have JB close though, hope I'm wrong.
  3. Any chance Doolittle see's time in the 9th over sims?
  4. Devenski used to throw much harder from what I remember and the tv announcer mentioned it plenty. Is he always throwing this slow or something wrong? He is lucky he got out of that inning with 1 run. Did not look good at all.
  5. Twitter and Reddit are hot garbage. They are better for getting lineup cards early and reading about something that just happened in a game(injury/blown save/etc). This forum is a lot better for real information/insight and always will be.
  6. Watch out for Bednar. Hometown kid and closed in the minors. Has been throwing near 100 mph and striking out everyone during ST but is very young/ no previous track record.
  7. J.B Bukauskas has to be on the middle reliever list. I know he got some mentions in the closer thread but the kid is electric. He will move up quick.
  8. Walton finally figuring out three guard combo with Haliburton for bagley is the optimal lineup on most nights. Good for buddy as the minutes and trust are there. Just need to up the scoring a little with better shooting but everything looking very good.
  9. Stevens has to see what everyone else sees at some point. Hold the time lord and find someone else to drop, my opinion.
  10. Not true. Had a very good first quarter and half. Game got way out of hand in the fourth quarter but already had a good line by then. Played very well when the game was still competitive. I didn't watch the whole thing of course but when I did and he was in, he looked good. The fantasy potential is there.
  11. Kennard I can see effecting him a little. Ibaka and batum have nothing to do with Lou not scoring like he used to. You would think batum would even help because hes a guy that doesn't look to score often. I know harrell was his buddy but to drop off a cliff like this is unusual.
  12. Enough is enough. What is going on here? He didn't just become too old for the league overnight. It's weird because its basically the same team as last year except for the coach. Could Lue really be the problem or just a horrible slump?
  13. I drafted him in the 6th round in my competitive league thinking he could increase all his averages with more minutes and get that steals average over 1. No way I will ever drop him or come even close but I'm just confused as he should be lighting it up in todays NBA.
  14. What happened to this dude? Thought he would be stepping it up with him being in the starting lineup and pushing 35 plus minutes a night. I don't watch much kings games but is it offensive scheme or just can't play with fox?
  15. The guy is their best playmaker by far. Should at least see the ball 20 times a game between carries/targets. I never get why they phase him out during some drives.
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