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  1. Lets not forget about this... Cardinals RB William Powell suffered a head injury in the second half of Thursday night's loss to the Rams and didn't return. Details of the injury were not available until today, and it appears Powell may have encountered a concussion. He has been the Cardinals' primary back in the no-huddle offense. Alfonso Smith replaced Powell against St. Louis. Powell now has ten days to get cleared before the Bills in Week 6. Oct 5 - 3:05 PM
  2. Well if WILLPOW wouldn't have lead the league in preseason rushing I don't think this would have turned in to the mega thread it is. Because he looked stud vs 2-4 stringers, we discuss his potential as a potential (now) starter.
  3. Excellent chance aliens exist, even better chance that Powell is the starter this week.
  4. He's definitely ahead of Alfonso. They cut Alf and kept Powell, only brought Alf back because of injuries to Wells and LSH. FWIW, they group Alf in with Powell as "practice squad type running backs".
  5. LOL @ Roto calling Powell a "practice squad type running back" in LSH's injury update. /me runs for cover.
  6. I thought your comment about grocery baggers was interesting, so I had to see for myself who the past preseason rushing yards leaders were, listed #1 & #2 for most yards.... 2012: William Powell, Rashad Jennings 2011: Kendall Hunter, Da'Rell Scott 2010: Anthony Dixon, Micheal Bennet 2009: Glen Coffee, Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis 2008: Marcus Mason, Rashard Mendenhall 2007 : Thomas Clayton, Gary Russell
  7. Williams was dropped, I plan to pluck him off waivers Sunday morning. That said and with LSH injury, you have to think Powell is Williams 'cuff until Wells is back. That's... what, 6 weeks?
  8. This guy is in the same class as Travaris Cadet. UDFA, stud in the preseason leading all players in a category (for Cadet, it was receptions & yards). Hate to burn roster spots on guys like these but Arian Foster was once one of these players and was even cut from the Texans at one time. Then again, it took him 3 years to get from UDFA rookie to #1 fantasy pick.
  9. http://www.examiner.com/article/arizona-cardinals-bring-back-rb-alfonso-smith
  10. 01. Robrain 02. CamBorbs6 03. Scienergy 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12.
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