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  1. How could the outcome ever be considered legitimate if teams in 9-10 seed weren't given a full chance to make Playoffs?
  2. Will any games actually be played before April 12th? If not I'm going to miss Playoffs by 1 game. Which would be lame because I probably would have made it had things been normal. I have a 3.5 game lead in the Playoff race but I got off to a bad start the last week so I'm currently down 2-7... Where did they come up with April 12th? Why not adjust the schedule once it's announced when the next game will actually be?
  3. Fighting for the last Playoff spot and I've got Steph Curry, Seth Curry, Zach LaVine, Josh Richardson . . . Need these guys to actually play. Especially LaVine.
  4. Depends where you are in your matchup and standings. I'm plugging in Curry immediately because I have LaVine to move to INJ and also other injuries (including Richardson) and I might MISS PLAYOFFS. If you already have your playoff seat wrapped up, then you can afford to wait in case one of your guys happens to get injured and then you can drop them or move them to INJ.
  5. Anyone watching the game? Why can't he score or do anything?
  6. Dropped. This dude is the anti-stat. If he sees a potential rebound coming his way he runs to box someone out instead. If he could grab a steal he lets his teammate get it instead.
  7. Take us to the chip JJ!!! I don't care what that is growing out of the back left side of your head!!
  8. Yeah I didn't expect anything from that first game, but now he's not even playing!?
  9. Scoring and rebounding are both down from his season average. And with Capela leaving the thinking was that his stats might go up. Capela averages 13.8 rebs on the season. You would think the Rockets' starting center/forward (Tucker) would absorb some of those rebounds. But no his rebounding numbers have actually gone down. Pretty surprising honestly. Playing 30+ minutes every night, he should be able to grab more than 5 rebounds.
  10. The last 30 days he's averaging: 5.5 points, 6.1 rebs, 2.2 ast, 1.3 stls, .4 blks . . . with 1.3 threes . . .33.7 FG%! He is 12/12 from the free throw line in that span though. Impressive. ^What does that objectively poor production have to do with my expectations?
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