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  1. The problem is Jaylen Brown is only a fake All Stars. Got his hype because talking politics. Has not shown anything close to All Stars level on the court this season.
  2. Are you serious? That was according to my own research and estimations. Should I start demanding sources on every prediction people make on this forum or should we start putting disclaimers on every post? Get the F out with that BS.
  3. He will not play before AS Break. After the break he will need at least a month to get in shape. So we are looking at early April EARLIEST before he starts to hit all cylinders.
  4. I think he is not physically able yet to absorb contact and still finish. He needs to be crafty and is good at it. Better for now (or maybe for a long time) to avoid contact. Helps him keep healthy and keep his percentages up. He just can not take contact and keep his path.
  5. HE IS GROWING BEFORE OUR EYES! But cant break that 23 point barrier.
  6. His shot still short most of the times he misses. It is just his legs, has not gotten em back. HE WILL BE FINE!!!
  7. Why? Do not hate the player, hate the game. Is there ANY obstacle preventing Rob Williams to get to 20+ minutes per game? Does he have defensive lapses, is he still injured? Was it not the hip that kept him out for extended period last time? With edema in the bone. Is this the same ailment?
  8. Had a rough patch there and got him off the waiver thanks to it. Seems like a keeper with bench boost attached. And might JUST might get traded to a bottom dweller team with starting pg duties. What would he produce as a top playmaker and 32-34 minutes a night?
  9. Your boy Jormala is in this bandwagon. Just picked him off the waiver auction. LESSGOOOOOOOO!!!!
  10. 17/5 with 5 3PM and 3 Blocks, nothing to write home about anymore? The one thing you can see is the undeniable fact he performs better off the bench. Maybe they bring Cousins in? He is perfect fit for Boucher. Plays under 30 minutes in all scenarios. Should leave our hero with hefty pt off the bench for sure. Best case scenario is no centers brought in, but Cousins would be best of the bunch for Chris. HE WAS CLUTCH! First bucket under 2 minutes left in third. Pump faking and then hitting the three! Then tying the game 82-82 late third! Then two threes to keep the game tied early fourth.
  11. Mouse Stevens is one of the most overrated coaches in the league. The one more incompetent in Ryan Saunders just got released. Maybe Mouse should be next...?
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