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  1. He just plays better off the bench. How it is so hard to Walton understand this? Keep the guy on the bench to start the games!
  2. This lousy a** bum is OUT OUT OUT indifinitely!!! And my BOY DAVIS is dropping the SAUCE! 16 points, DRILLING threes and cumulating fantasy points.
  3. So... I said come playoffs Holmes will be injured and Bertans will be DROPPING BOMBS: Playoffs DAY 1: And my BOY Davis drops FAT 104 fantasy point game!
  4. The turnovers are getting a bit salty for me. He is still giving good fantasy points numbers, but 3.6 TOs... If he could tweak it to 3.0 it would be nice. Not asking too much I think.
  5. Scrappy win for the Grizzlies. Melton went for 13/10/6 and 2 steals. 23 minutes which should be his floor. +20!!! YEEZ! Best on the team of course. Allen and Brooks had -11 and -17, fighting for the same minutes. At least Jones is done, he only played 12 minutes. They just need to start cutting on Brooks minutes and kick a guy (Allen) out of the rotation. 25 minutes to 28 minutes off the bench sounds really nice and should be given.
  6. Such a mediocre player when he starts the games...
  7. Had him on the BENCH again. FOOOOOOOOK!
  8. Warriors have been on a funk lately too? I think he usually looks good when the team is rolling and feelings are high. And rough spots make him look worse too.
  9. The hype was real earlier. But now it seems he is...pretty mediocre. The last seven games really, really not there at all. Ima low ball his owner right now.
  10. True. League size matter. True is also the weight of that 10k € in my pocket come May. BELIEVE IT!
  11. Unreal miss at the end of regulation. This kid still needs to work on his game. Not a clutch player.
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