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  1. Naz stringing together a few good games in a row. Can he keep it up??
  2. Anyone know of this bozo Is starting tonight?
  3. Anyone know of any good free stat projection sites out there? Used to be a bunch but are hard to find nowadays. Thanks all!!
  4. Full PPR who is best this week and or ROS? Cam seems to be locked in on Meyers but Cam sucks C Samuel been on fire last 2/3 weeks. Middle offense. Does CMC hurt or help? J Brown - Is he finally healthy? Ton of targets last week and has the best WB of the bunch Thanks!!!!
  5. Both seem to be picking up targets. Beasley seems a little more inconsistent but Buff will prob be passing a lot to keep up with Sea. Giants are the Giants do who knows. Thanks
  6. Godert Beasley ARob 1 coming off injury, 1 out of concussion, 1 under the radar guy full PPR leaning Beasley and Arob want to see Godert before I fully activate him thanks guys!!!
  7. I’m I crazy to triple dip on the Falcons?? Start Ryan, Ridley and Jones this weekend? I have Fuller in my flex and currently have A-Rob on my bench. Must win this week. Thanks!!
  8. Starting Cam right now but can grab Goff or Fitzmagic. Ugh help me out fellas. Thnaks
  9. I’m starting Brady in one of my leagues.
  10. Crazy I know but tough matchup for Brees and I have Kamara too. Tannenhills been on fire lately. help me out fellas. Thx.
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