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  1. Trout, bases loaded K. Think that is 5 whiffs in his last 7 ABs.
  2. Kluber getting pulled at 77 pitches, squanders the chance of a W and somewhat salvaging his day in points leagues. Lovely.
  3. If they intend to use Conner in a similar role that Drake filled last year (between the tackles, short yardage, goal line, etc), and have Edmonds occupy the same in space/pass catching role, I am in on Conner given his likely deflated ADP. Conner is, in my opinion, better at the between the tackles role than Kenyan Drake, and I think he could put up similar/better numbers than Drake in 2020. Assuming the Cards don't take a RB in the first 4 round in this month's NFL Draft (I think there is a good chance they do still draft a RB early, making this entire analysis useless), I'll be a Conner fan
  4. Could have easily gone the distance, looked great out there.
  5. Go ahead and stop checking scores for the rest of the night if you own Snell..
  6. I’m firing him up, fairly confident he can get 5IP & a Win.
  7. Yeah, I’m not even mad about it. Let that blister heal up and keep raking in our UTIL spots.
  8. Goldy is a notorious slow starter. The fact that he is already smoking the ball as well as the above number indicates, has me ecstatic. Eventually those hard hit balls will start going for XBH. Stay the course, buy low if you can.
  9. Isn’t he a notorious slow starter? Not panicking too hard yet, but obviously would have like to have seen more encouraging results thus far.
  10. Let's go Kluber! Love to see improved control/velo today.
  11. Is Jake McGee the guy in San Fran?
  12. Anyone have eyes on the start? Just following stat cast, velocity seemed fine, looked like he was throwing his splitter, just seemed like he couldn’t find his spots against a patient lineup. Any silver linings on this awful start?
  13. Good Lord, I can't wait for the list of players to be finalized/put on the IL so I can finally make some roster moves. Can't imagine why it is taking this long up to this point.
  14. I'm feeling ballsy. At home, let's roll the dice. Always have the rest of the week to recover if he tanks.
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