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  1. Like him a lot this year if you miss out on JTR. Seems like the cheaper, safe play in the Catcher wasteland.
  2. After a very disappointing 2020, Shohei comes into 2021 as very much needing a prove it type year. Far from the dual eligible superstar we all thought he might become, his ADP is reasonable enough to possibly take that gamble hoping it finally pans out for him. What is everyone’s thoughts on him this year? Just signed a 2yr/$8m deal with the Angels. Does LAA take off the kid gloves with him and let him play ball? Does he even pitch this year? Wide range of outcomes for Shohei this season.
  3. Love sanders as an offseason buy low in dynasty. New coach/new offense presumably catered to Jalen Hurts’ running ability should have his arrow pointing up big time.
  4. If you lost because Derrick Henry -only- put up 10 points, your team probably wasn’t that great to begin with. If you need a Henry blow up game every single week to be competitive, you probably built a team that was way too reliant on a single player. Which is not a recipe for fantasy success. S/O to King Henry for the incredible year, I’ll do what I can to draft/acquire this cat next year.
  5. Sucks. Gotta assume we are going into championship week without our WR1.
  6. What a bummer of a game. Ended up being a good game script, and he still sucked. What a fall from grace for Coop. I don’t think you can trust him in championship games unless you have seriously minimal other options.
  7. Sucks how far he has fallen this season. From carrying us owners in the first half of the season, to being unstartable in the fantasy playoffs. Unless you have horrid back up options, I wouldn’t play him. Way too risky.
  8. Forgot about Watson, I’d include him there. Herbs? I still probably roll Hurts over Herbert. Jalen has a much better matchup IMO.
  9. [...] This guy has the makings of a Kyler/Lamar type, which is proven to be undeniably valuable in fantasy. Unless you have Mahomes/Arod/Lamar/Kyler, I’d be firing up Hurts with confidence.
  10. I guarantee you the Bills want to throttle the Patriots on national television next week. Regardless of the Pats already being eliminated, I think Allen is in for a huge game. Call it a changing of the guard statement in the AFC East.
  11. It's a shame the game got out of hand fast with relatively minimal production from JKD (TD saved the day). That said, he still dominated the back field touches. Hoping NYG can keep it closer next week and let this guy get some more burn/hopefully a TD or 2.
  12. Great game, and could have been so much better with a few more carries/GL opportunities. This guy is incredible.
  13. His poise and playmaking ability is incredible. Can't believe the Eagles waited this long to make the change.
  14. I need ONE POINT from the Steelers defense to advance to the championship game. Seems likely, but you never know.......
  15. Can’t be mad at 90 total yards. His usage against a somewhat tough opponent is encouraging, and if you lost your semifinal game I don’t think it was directly because of Sanders. If you advanced, you have to be licking your chops with Dallas on the slate next week.
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