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  1. And the kicker...the jets win a meaningless game and take themselves out of the 1st overall pick for Lawrence. Unbelievable. I hate the jets and fantasy. Perfect match made in heaven.
  2. Lol already lost. 1 and done. Completely dominated the entire regular season only to have it all fall apart at the end and during my bye week. Typical fantasy football BS. Never fails.
  3. Stupid Matt Stafford is gonna cost me a potential win as he’s gonna get knocked out of the game on the first play bc of his ribs. There’s no point in him starting. He has nothing to play for and now I’m forced to plug him in. And I’m sitting Conner who will finally go off now that he’s on my bench. I f’ing hate fantasy so much. Can’t wait to see this nonsense play out bc that’s fantasy football.
  4. I won the regular season, had the most total points and a 1st rd bye. My starting lineup before my team and entire bench died on me: Stafford Tyreek Fuller Golladay Scary Terry Claypool Kamara Conner Gibson Kelce I did own Cousins but I rage dropped him after his week 2 performance (that was stupid lol). But here is my lineup for the Semi Finals: Chase Daniel (we started a super flex league and every team is hoarding like 6-8 QBs...bastards) Tyreek (Just a cramp...or something worrisome?) Scary Terry (trending do
  5. Was gonna pick him up and start him as my team is now in shambles...saw the report that miller and allen were gonna play so I didn't. Of course he's going off. Can't wait for my Chase Daniels and Amendola pairing I was forced to grab get me goose eggs.
  6. I just love making it to the playoffs (with a bye) and then my entire team just dies. Stafford, Gibson, Golladay, Fuller, Conner, Claypool, and Scary Terry now screwed with WFTs QB situation. Such BS gonna be 1 and done. Complete waste of a season. Gonna have to put together a frankenstein team to pull this out. I hate fantasy.
  7. Was hoping he'd play this week during my bye to shake off some rust and see what his production is like before I consider starting him in week 15. Now if he's somehow back by then idk if I can fully trust starting him.
  8. I'll be sure to check in with you after sundays game. You'll see.
  9. This is gonna be our worst nightmare. Hill's first instincts are to run and Kamara's production is going to take a major hit with this. I really do hate sean payton.
  10. Dolphins just cut Howard, so arrow is trending up.
  11. @hard1 don't know how long this will last or what the future holds for Ahmed but I grabbed him after I saw your posts on him, so wanted to say thanks for that (didn't start him but I own him).
  12. Why did I stream Cox on tnf and not go with the safer pickup in everett??? FML
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