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  1. I really like Lebron and he's the only Miami player I respect. He is one of the greatest ever but until he wins 5 or 6 rings he will never get out of the massive shadow of his own legacy. Also, LOL@Lebrons face when asked about his future in the press conference. I just wonder if he will put his friendship with Wade aside and tell the organization they'd be better off with him, Bosh and a good core of role players with Wade's salary.
  2. Oh yea. I mentioned it a few pages back but it gives me great pleasure Dallas (my team) took them to 7. I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for the Spurs franchise and I love to see them embarrassing Miami.
  3. Miami is getting their s--- pushed in. Patty MILLS is killing it.
  4. IMO Leonard is the no brainer MVP. He's actually mirrored Lebron stat wise and has been clutch repeatedly.
  5. Remember last year when Chalmers was asked in an interview where he ranked among current PG's? Quote: “I’d say top 10. I’m not in the lower part (of the top 10), I’m in the middle part. I just have confidence in myself. I think I can compete with the best of them." So by "middle part" he thinks he's either the 4th, 5th, or 6th best PG in the league. But why stop there, 'Rio? Why not GOAT? Judging by the intentional elbow shot that he "doesn't remember throwing" I'd say that any words out of his mouth should be thrown in a dumpster. He's clueless.
  6. That's because Spoelstra is a mediocre coach who has been gassed up to be great because of having Lebron in his prime in a HORRIBLE eastern conference.
  7. I'm sure every Dallas fan is rooting for you guys. I know I am. It brings me delight we took y'all to 7 :-D. Revenge against Miami was incredibly awesome a few years back and I'm sure the Spurs are savoring every moment.
  8. I said this the last game too that the pressure is on the Spurs to win after having that big lead at the half, but I think now the pressure is on the Heat and not the Spurs. You can't afford to lose 2 straight home games Big 4?? Lmao. Yea perhaps you see an alternate universe Wade or something. Dude is toast. Not to mention he's not a good spot up shooter so once his athleticism goes he's C+ at best. They should build around Lebron and Bosh IMO. Get a better bench with Wades salary.
  9. Miami is looking like they did when they played my Mavericks. They get punched a few times and fold. Miami looks really nonchalant and uncaring out there. No hustle at all.
  10. I don't know but they sure don't deserve the success that the Heat have had. Horrible fans in my opinion.
  11. Go Spurs!! I'm a huge Dallas fan but watching their organization is a beautiful thing. Great teamwork, tremendous coaching and excellent at finding talent.
  12. Listening to Mark Jackson and Breen makes my ears bleed. Can they please get some decent commentators around JVG? Oh yea and go Spurs (I'm a Dallas fan but I greatly respect them and both franchises share a common hatred of Miami).
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