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  1. Dropped his a**. I was optimistic about his outlook, but he needs more time to develop.
  2. AG arriving sent Millsap to the bench and allows Porter to play his natural position at the 4. Not only does Porter look great, but the whole team just plays in a much better flow. It's like AG put the whole team in their correct roles.
  3. So basically you're describing his career in Washington where he played behind Wall and Beal, but still put up 2nd-3rd round value 😉 Kidding. Let's see what Clifford does after a couple practices. He probably wants to incorporate team ball and instill an NBA offense that scores higher than 80ish points. Very promising that for this first game the coach trusted him to take the final shot.
  4. It was also a very encouraging sign that not only did Otto close the game, but coming out of the timeout Clifford drew up the last shot for him. Shows that he has confidence and trust in him, even with Dwayne Pancetta chucking all the shots the entire game.
  5. He came off the bench and had no time to practice or gel. The team is searching for an identity and their lineups are changing rapidly by the game -- now MCW might be out. Giving it another game or so.
  6. Maybe, just MAYBE, this quote is poorly worded JJJ is on track to return by the end of March, thus returning in April. Maybe? ..............maybe..................?
  7. This. All the reason why I think he'll be the most serviceable Magic player outside of Ross. If he wanted to compete for a chip or play for a decent team, he could. But seeing as how he's going to have all the opportunity in the world by staying in Orlando, he's gonna try to show out to get one last big payday. We've seen Wendell with minutes in Chicago and it wasn't noteworthy. MCW is trash. And Okeke will have minutes, but he hasn't looked great so far and I'm not convinced he has a fantasy-friendly game -- the boost in usage will help him, but enough to outperform Otto? Idk about that.
  8. Seriously. Does this team reach 80 points a game in 2021? But outside of 1st option Ross, I don't know if any them are rosterable. I'm taking a flier on OPJ, and MCW might get you counting stats while destroying your FG%, FT%, and TOs -- but it's probably best to give it a couple games to see who rises from this trash heap.
  9. That's my thinking. Currently their roster looks like PG : MCW SG : Ross/Hampton/Harris SF : OPJ/ Bacon PF : Chuma/ OPJ/Ennis C : Wendell Carter/Khem Birch Outside of Ross, OPJ is the one I see getting the usage.
  10. If he starts, I'm picking him up. A healthy Porter in a role with minutes and touches was the dream ever since his Washington days. It sadly took 7 years to achieve it, but better late than never.
  11. Hayes is coming off an 8 week injury and it sounds like they're not in any rush to give him a big load. Dennis Smith Jr. seems only good if he can get large minutes, and Saban lee will probably be getting some spot minutes. Idk. Doesn't seem like there's any clear winner. I'd personally go Dennis since Hayes didn't even look great when he was healthy.
  12. Double double after the first half coming off the bench. Dude is making the loss of SGA sting slightly less.
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