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  1. Seems like you have an unhealthy obsession running since he came into the league. Do you even participate in any other threads on here ? You realize you need more than derrick Henry to.fill out your team, not to mention there are many more consistent offensive teams with RBs. Clearly you have this guys cleats, stop worshipping someone who hasn't even proven himself , your story book responses isn't a position of strength .
  2. i agree, he looked like he was going full speed straight up to the 1st down, and all of a sudden slide, slow makes it look a lot worse
  3. even if DMC is the replacement, is he not injury prone? I cannot remember a season where he finished the league healthy, playing in 8 games or more.
  4. me too. i need literally .39. Houston fumble Td brought me close. Hurts so much lol hoping for stat correction
  5. you seem 100 %. That was in the off season prior to his deal. Politics can draw a line between good relationships. I dont think you have confirmed anything beyond the off season. This is actually interesting, hope it isnt true.
  6. I had maybe 5 top 25 WR's traded cooks for hunt straight up, auction draft, valued him high even more after injuries to WR's of NE.
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