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  1. “Bringing him up”, isn’t this the Melton thread?
  2. I was feeling positive until my friend screen shotted how the Wolves listed LaVine as Q the day after he tore his ACL lol.
  3. Embiid owners should be happy about this, I live in Philly so I watch a good amount of games and I cringe when I watch him play lately he seems tired but he still plays just as hard so he is reckless with his body. Sure jumping on the floor and diving out of bounds as part of a chase down block is nice for guys like Andre Roberson or even Robert Covington but MVP candidates with serious injury histories probably shouldn't be disregarding their body like that over one play, especially when tired and therefore less in control. He needs a rest badly and his minutes need to be dialed back, Philly
  4. I guess, it's easy to say that from your home, and I don't mean that in a dickish way, I just mean when your adrenaline is pumping and things are going really bad for you (this was his 5th foul and the refs were calling borderline phantom calls on him it seemed from my POV) and you get that rush of cortisol and whatever else and then your coach who has probably been riding you hard all season gets in your face and starts talking to you like a child, even if it's deserved, it's hard to NEVER react. I think it's fine and I highly doubt Bridges/Kokoshkov have any bad blood from this. I don't thin
  5. Did that foul bother anyone else? I have Lillard so while I liked the FT's, I couldn't stand the foul call. It was the extreme version of something I already hate. I really don't like that Rookies get all the calls against them too like WTF is the point of that? The NBA is entertainment above all and the best entertainment comes from fair competition and while I can get behind vets/stars getting away with more on offense (less offensive fouls, less traveling calls for non-egregious, etc.) I always hated the thing where rookies and less skilled players get called for more fouls and borderline n
  6. Yes...guy who is ranked #19 for some who might barely play unless he is traded
  7. Would anyone trade him for Bjelica? I don’t know what to do someone offered it and I just posted a long post (page 7) on my thoughts on Love but I’m second guessing now!
  8. He's shooting almost 45%, I doubt his FG% is going to get much better than this if at all. He's never been a pure shooter he's more of a scorer. Maybe he will prove me wrong but I've been saying since the off-season not to draft him anywhere near his ADP unless you're putting FG%. I really like him as a player though so I hope he does prove me wrong.
  9. Yeah personally I don't see why a team wouldn't trade for him if they think they're an elite rebounder & stretch 4 away from a title. I could see him fitting in a place like Philly or Houston. The contract is bloated but if he can play like he did on the Cavs the last few years it would be worth it for a win-now team, and Love just turned 30 with a game that will age very well. I was one of the people who cautioned against drafting him too high or spending too much $ on him in this thread, but I think this is an overreaction to the toe injury right now, I honestly believe they
  10. Ive always been a fan of his game for fantasy the only thing I worry about him though is injury and tanking. He has been very injury prone and with his now smaller body I’m not sure how he holds up over 82 with all the banging down low for defensive rebounds. I also don’t see him putting up MIN level assists anymore either. I still will target him but not pre-3rd
  11. I love Jimmy Butler in real life and fantasy, Black Bart Simpson has helped me win some money and I love his attitude and work ethic. That being said though I think the fact that he gets injured pretty much every year is scary and I do not want the 76ers to give up anything major to get him for that reason. Also I think it would really hurt his fantasy value as well as the value of the other guys on the team.
  12. I love Gary too and have rostered him in most of my leagues 3 years in a row along with Jimmy Butler one of my most rostered players but I am still worried about his health, I might be overreacting but like Jimmy he just always seems to get hurt. So far he has played 55, 76, 56, 65 games. Not terrible but def points to someone who has a good amount of small injuries. I always worry about guys like that like RHJ & Myles Turner & Jimmy Butler to name a few - they’re not exactly injury prone but they def miss a fair amount of time with little things.
  13. I agree with you it’s not a sign and trade but what I think you’re missing is that whatever team he is traded to would be able to offer him $50mil more ($190m vs $140m) in FA because of the rules of the collective bargaining agreement so I’m pretty sure there’s a strong incentive for him to re-sign where he ends up unless it’s a situation so poor that it’s worth forgoing that extra $50m!
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