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  1. Dude, are you daft? How do you compare Curry, Thompson, Kawhi to this kid. Those guys you've just mentioned were lottery picks. Notice I always mention the word undrafted for this journeyman. Are these guys undrafted? Are these guys journeymen? Curry and Thompson were kept by GSW because they're damn good. Pop loved Kawhi so much but Kawhi just wanted out and won a chip in TOR and finally got to choose where he wanted to be in hometown LAC. Does Wood have all these luxuries? IS Wood on the same career trajectory? Wasn't Wood just waived and not signed by 5 teams because he probably isn't worth
  2. I haven't watched too many Detroit games, but from what I've seen, I'm not really impressed. He just doesn't pass the eye test as someone that deserves stashing this badly. I can understand if he was a lottery pick (like Troy Brown), who deserves to be developed no matter what, but this guy has been a journeyman, in the most literal sense of the word. Undrafted, 5 teams passed on him, and he barely made the cut here in Detroit. The final guy on the roster. Don't get me wrong, I think he'll still get 20 mins, should Drummond get traded, and Griffin shutdown, but that's more because they need bo
  3. I think they give the starting SF spot to lottery pick Troy Brown, but who knows at this point. It’s anyone’s guess what Brooks’ rotations are these days.
  4. You guys are like little girls whining over nothing jesus lol. He'll be fine. Miami is always a tough matchup for any team. They're coached well and play good D. Payton will still get his even with Beal back for sure. There are numerous pathways for minutes. The most obvious one is that this team is going nowhere, and I can see them limiting Ish and IT's minutes come all-star break. Then these kids will feast, in time for fantasy playoffs.
  5. Stats don’t lie. He was the g league steals leader at a whopping 3.2, and putting up crazy lines. For sure he’d at least produce decently if you give him the opportunity on this terrible Wiz team. He’s the only bright spot on the court (him and Troy Brown) lately really. Even Beal was trying hard to lose games and leads compared to this guy, the 3 games Payton has played. I honestly thinks there’s ROS value here. I don’t see how Brooks can take this guy off the floor and not develop him compared to guys like IT and Ish Smith, especially since they’re not going to reach the playoffs this year a
  6. I don’t know about starting either because hell even Meyers Leonard starts but plays only miniscule minutes when Heat are fully healthy. All i know is Winslow is a lock for 30+ minutes. And DJJ probably is lucky to sniff 20. And his usage will go down extremely, which will decrease his value. Especially if he and Winslow stay on the court together in the 2nd unit together with Dragic (he was also not starting in that vid against Toronto i just posted before this, and winslow played 34 mins). Basically winslow is secondary playmaker with Dragic and both have the ball in their hands quite often.
  7. So are you saying Winslow won’t close? Are you saying DJJ gets same or more mins or what? I’m not sure im getting your point. Anyway if you are, I think you’re misjudging how much Spo loves Winslow. He always gushes about him in interviews and it shows with the minutes he gives him as well. Check that vid out. This is before he got injured recently. Take note DJJ was also in this game and played quite a bit. He’s even in this vid. Now check the 4th quarter closing lineup and the entire OT. He basically was the secondary playmaker next to Jimmy. Basically Winslow has more
  8. Yeah, in my opinion, Justise takes most of DJJ’s minutes and some of Nunn’s already dwindling minutes. He likes Winslow so much, along with Dragic. Basically almost all of DJJ and Nunn’s value will get sapped out with everyone healthy imo. He’ll probably close out with Butler, Dragic, Winslow, Bam, and 1 of either Robinson, Herro or Nunn (whoever is hot that day). DJJ and Winslow are basically used the same way by Spo (can switch multiple positions on defense), so I think DJJ gets affected the most.
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/wizards/gary-payton-ii-helps-save-the-day-for-the-wizards-against-the-knicks/2019/12/23/33f1a33c-25b7-11ea-ad73-2fd294520e97_story.html Interesting read from the Washington Post. Basically, Beal holds him in high regard, along with especially Troy Brown Jr. Troy Brown Jr and Payton apparently play together during the summer and grew up together. Said it made it easier to vibe on the court. Also, this guy played on such short-notice and played jet-lagged (flew from vegas to washington for his physical, then hopped on a train to New York). Had like an h
  10. I added him. One of the few games Wiz have won and he was a part of it. We never know with this team. I didn’t think Mo Wagner or Davis Bertans would even have value here to start the season, but here we are. Same for IT. If they ever fully embrace the youth movement in the second half and just not play IT or Ish, he benefits. They should just stick with him and Troy Brown imo. Payton is a g-league beast and deserves at least a decent look to see if he can carry it over to the nba.
  11. I honestly think Exum benefits the most here.. sorry, im too lazy to search for his thread. But yeah, i dont see much difference regarding Clarkson. He came from a bad team, and didn’t really set the world on fire being a super sub. Those numbers for sure go down with a good team with good players like the Jazz.
  12. The fact that he overplays and gives a ton of minutes to veterans like Isaiah Thomas, Ish Smith, etc, over prioritizing player development of guys like lottery pick Troy Brown Jr, Schofield, etc is clearly an obvious sign they’re not tanking. Wall will play this season for sure. Just a matter of when he’s fully healthy.
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