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  1. Oh I agree, the thing is they either haven’t noticed (which is crazy to think) or just haven’t really addressed it because they’re winning. What gives me hope is that he is consistent with his effort and energy out there, he and the team just need to figure out how to use his energy and movement properly.
  2. Yeah he’s called for the ball pretty much all game but they don’t feed him as much as they should, it looks especially egregious in this game given the matchups and his obvious advantage on the floor. It’s been crazy watching the Suns be so consistently good without his offense and he’s not that huge of a defensive presence so it’s not like we can point to that either. Booker started off slow but he’s gotten back to being an elite scorer and that’s been enough. I also really like how his shot looks, but he’s always hesitant with his jumper so he front rims a lot of them. It looks li
  3. Facing a Lakers squad with no Gasol and Harrell as the starting center. If he doesn’t have a big offensive game today he’s never gonna turn it around, either because he’s not being aggressive or the team isn’t feeding him and just passing around the perimeter and jacking up 3s.
  4. I think Love and Nance cancel each other out more than hurt Allen. When Nance was healthy and starting with Drummond, it didn’t impact Drummond’s rebounding numbers much. Love at this point in his career is more of a stretch spot of shooter and not really the physical rebounding presence he used to be.
  5. They played Denver so I’m guessing maybe he got bullied by Jokic? Low minutes and 4 fouls.
  6. Allen has become what I expected of Ayton and Ayton has become what I expected of Allen. Somehow I ended up getting what I was expecting. Congrats on everyone that held on from those early games Deandre Jordan was starting over him followed by Drummond. The fro has finally been unleashed!
  7. He’s like a totally different player! Has kept up with the efficient offense, the boards are back AND the stocks?! Dayum. Hopefully he finally stays healthy.
  8. I’m wondering the same thing. Im guessing since they’re playing Portland he’s probably destroying Kanter since they don’t have Nurkic or any other viable center? It’s good to see him finally get some shots up, hopefully it carries over.
  9. He’s only listed as SF in ESPN. What do you have him as? I think today’s game is what most owners should want from him and anything more should ve a bonus, 2 threes, decent out of position rebounds and the steals are still there which is the reason to own him right now. He got his 30mins even in a blow out and didn’t hurt you anywhere.
  10. He had a sick line AND they won in a blowout. 📈!
  11. This was a real ugly showing for Draymond. Not only where the Warriors winning without Curry and with him having a bad game, his ejection gave the Hornets 2 technical FTs to tie the game and basically cost them the game. This is the type of thing that doesn’t affect fantasy but man that locker room must be tense after that implosion.
  12. I owned both Lonzo and Bledsoe (finally Bledsoe today), from what I’ve seen the biggest change has been Zion bringing up the ball and initiating the offense which essentially removed Bledsoe from the equation entirely and since Lonzo has been on fire from 3 it has made him settle into his more shooting guard esque role. The assists today where a huge surprise. I honestly wasn’t a believer in him with this team but he seems to be finally clicking and even on his off games his lines have been useful. Stocks are starting to pick up again which is great to see and the 3s have been basica
  13. Hopefully the rebounds pick back up, but the efficient offense is very much welcome. It seems he finally figured out where he fits within the offense.
  14. Yeah finally let him go tonight in my 9 cat 12 teamer, and I drafted him. He has his first “decent” line in a while and it’s basically just scraps and still on low minutes. There’s no upside here unless he gets traded and even then I don’t know what team is gonna give him useful minutes away. It seems Bertans is the hot pickup these days and it’s who I chose to keep over him.
  15. I was coming to praise this dude’s crazy efficiency and then he gets injured. Did anybody see how bad it was? It’s crazy to have a player that doesn’t hurt you anywhere and is just solid all around.
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